Physio Today

Today Kyah danced with Nika all morning again. By the end of the week she is pretty tired. I realise Kyah has a much smaller workload than other dancers her age, particularly those that still go to normal school, but she still gets tired. I suppose she is doing a lot of growing, as well as healing, dancing, repairing, progressing, plus the fact she is a teenager…. so why not be tired.

It is always nice to have the weekend looming. Toady is Friday. YAY!

We went to see the physio this afternoon. Haven’t seen her since before Christmas. Even though we have not seen her, I have been trying to get Kyah to do her rehab on a regular basis. The insistence has obviously paid off. Erin was pleased to see the progress Kyah has made.

Kyah still has a long way to go before she is considered totally recovered from her injury, but she is progressing well. We spoke to Erin about Kyah getting fitted for new pointe shoes tomorrow. After assessing Kyah thoroughly, Erin gave the all clear to do it. She has noted her calf muscles are a bit weak and tight at the moment, but nothing a bit of exercise won’t fix.

Erin is really happy with the range in Kyah’s plantar flexion, which is great. Her left is almost as good as her right one now.

Obviously dancers need to be assessed with their feet in demi and loaded, i.e body weight on the feet while they are up on the balls of their feet. There is a slight difference between left and right, but left is acceptable for pointe shoes.

All in all, after seeing the physio today, we were pretty pleased with the outcome of Erin’s assessment. Now for tomorrow with the pointe shoes.

2 of Kyah’s friends came over in the afternoon, and I put the girls through a strength / stability session. Each of them have specific needs for posture, injury prevention, rehab etc, but generally one specific issue is usually a very general issue for someone else, so the girls got an exercise session that addressed their specific needs, along with some general, helpful, strength work. They also got to play together after for a while, which was good – just what Kyah needed.

Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. Pro 31:25

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