Performance Time!

Well, another month has passed and we have not had a chance to stop and catch our breath.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, at the end of September Kyah and I went to the Queensland Ballet 2019 launch. There was a wonderful presentation about the upcoming ballets for 2019. Some of them are very interesting. I have ended up buying tickets for a number of performances throughout the year. Some of them sound like they will be fantastic to see. Dangerous Liaisons, Romeo and Juliet, Bespoke, Synergy, QB Gala, The Nutcracker. There is  a few other ballets on, but the ones I have mentioned are what I have purchased tickets to. That should keep me busy for a little while. We are working on the plan that Kyah is in QB for next year. If this is the case, she gets tickets to the dress rehearsals, so she will see all the company performances anyway.

As always, I was busy baking and cooking for Kyah. Just making sure she has a good supply of healthy, easy to grab-and-eat food. Cranberry and cashew protein balls, apricot and pecan protein balls, savoury muffins, cheese roesti, tuna and potato patties, chocolate brownies. Loads of yummy and fairly healthy food for Kyah to eat. She has really long days and does not get much of a chance to eat through the day. Small, simple to eat food is ideal. When Kyah gets home she is famished. Occasionally we have an early dinner,  but other times, when she needs something to eat quickly, these are all great options to tide her over until dinner is ready.



We had some lovely friends come over for dinner. We have only known them since we moved to Brisbane. They attend the same church we do. Theresa and Alan. They are so lovely, and we had such a fun time. At one stage we were almost all on the floor laughing. We have not laughed so much in ages. We all need times like that in our lives. This was very much needed.

Kyah has finally managed to complete her RAD Intermediate exam. YAY! The first time she went to do it, she injured her foot – the injury that started ‘Kyah’s Journey’. She had to postpone it until she was able and confident to do the exam. So twelve months later she went to do the exam again. Just as she was warming up for the exam, she hurt the same foot. We had to postpone the exam again. Finally, she has managed to complete it. She has not done any practice for it, and we are not sure how she will go with her final results, because she is now doing another style of ballet. But both Kyah and I wanted her to attain this certificate. Apparently if you have this level of ballet for RAD in Australia, you are able to teach kids RAD ballet. So combine the RAD Intermediate certificate with her Certificate IV in Dance Teaching, she is well on the way to ensuring a career in dance, whether it be performer or teacher. I am sure she will do both very well. She has a huge passion for dance, and is beautiful to watch. She also has a heart, and gift, for teaching. She will be a great teacher one day. Very nurturing, caring, patient and compassionate – essential qualities for a great teacher.

Kyah has found a pair of pointe shoes that really suit her feet. The Bloch Synergy – they really seem to fit her foot very well and they look lovely on. The only issue with them is that her feet are now so strong that she is breaking them within two weeks. So another pair is required every two weeks. The solution is that we special order the Synergy shoes with a double shank in them, so they are extra strong. When you place a special order, it costs extra money and it takes time for them to be made and sent. So to make the order placement worthwhile, I ordered 8 pairs of pointe shoes! The credit card was a bit shocked but hopefully these shoes will last her longer than two weeks. We also need to order an even number of pairs, because one foot is a half size different to the other. Thankfully pointe shoes do not have a left and right, so she can use the larger size shoes for her left foot and the smaller size for her right foot. It is great that her feet are so strong and it indicates how far she has come since her initial accident.

The normal routine of busy for Kyah has changed this past month, and gradually become more focused and demanding on time for dance and rehearsals. Queensland Ballet have their Prelude ’18 on this Monday and Tuesday night, October 29 and 30. The dancers from the senior program have all been rehearsing and preparing for the performance. Longer hours of dancing and less time at school – Kyah loves it!!! She is a bit tired, but we are making sure she is resting and eating well, so she is at her best for performance nights.

Neil arrived on Friday and is staying with us until Tuesday morning. He and I will go and watch Kyah perform Monday night at the Conservatorium in Southbank. He will drive home Tuesday morning. Kyah’s dad arrives Tuesday morning. Anne arrives Tuesday lunch. We will be meeting Ruth, Ava, Gerry and Basil at Southbank in the afternoon, and we will all be going to watch Kyah perform Tuesday night. It is lovely for Kyah to have people that are so supportive and interested in her ballet. I am so fortunate, I get to watch her perform both nights. She is such a pleasure to watch.

Queensland Ballet put on a free performance of Swan Lake at Riverstage in Brisbane. You needed to order tickets but they were free to anyone interested. We went along and enjoyed the performance. Such a great way to have people attain an appreciation for ballet, if they have not had one before.

Kyah was particularly interested in watching the Cygnets, because she is doing this at Prelude ’18. I can’t wait to see her perform. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her do an actual performance, except for the ‘Night of Dance’ at school, this year.



There are a few very long days for Kyah leading up to and including the performance days. She has been required for rehearsals for about 6-7 hours per day. From today she is required for almost 12 hours each day. By the time they warm up, do hair and make-up, do technical and dress rehearsals and then perform, it is a long day. But she is really enjoying it. Photos will be forthcoming.



4 thoughts on “Performance Time!

  1. Anne Herman says:

    Once again, an incredibly busy, challenging and rewarding time for Kyah and you. Surrounding yourself with people who care, support and hold you up are so important ….. ❤️ Wishing you a great end of year ……

    • admin says:

      I am sure you very well know, we would never have got to where we are without the help, support, and love of those special people that are holding us up. Your arms and shoulders must be tired!!! End of year is looming. Believing for a positive end. xxx

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