Kyah went to dancing today. She had a one hour private, and a one hour group session with another girl. That means 2 hours of dance today. She is slowly able to get back into normality, although, she is no where near back to “normal”, as she knows it.

It is very frustrating… both she and I want her to be totally healed now, so she is able to get fully back into her dancing, but she is restricted with what she can and cannot do. The process is long and slow and will continue to be long and slow.  We sometimes need to put it all into perspective – Kyah is out of a cast and she is walking, and it has only been 3 months. This in itself is a miracle. The dancing will be another miracle.

Both she and I would love to see her further along in her rehab than she is,  but  reality says, she is where she is by the grace of God.

She is really struggling to get the full plantar flexion in her her foot required for correct technique for dancing. she is working on it every day and we are hoping it will come, and will come soon. Once that comes she will be able to start practicing properly and build up her confidence and the consider pointe shoes again.

One lesson we are learning is not to push too hard, and that her injury will heal in the perfect time. Patience is a lesson that must be learned. But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. Rom 8:25



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