Today was almost back to normal routine for us. I worked most of the day, Kyah went with Becky and Emily  up to Harbourtown to do some shopping and watch a movie. They saw “Sing” today. They both enjoyed it.

After that the girls went home and they did some painting. Emily taught Kyah some tips for painting and I think they were great tips. This is Kyah’s first attempt at painting flowers. Not a bad job, I think.


We just want to say a huge thank you to those of you that are connecting with us in some way, (either by Facebook, leaving a comment on the blog or by email or text), to encourage Kyah on her journey. Your interest and encouragement definitely help Kyah persevere when she is feeling a bit disheartened. Thank you all.

Another day of no rehab, but I’m sure she will make up for it tomorrow…. hmmm. Big day tomorrow: 2 hours of dance, then some rehab in the pool, then we have an exercise circuit planned for when we get home. Should be good fun.


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