Our Miami Girls

Christmas is definitely coming. So many social events to squeeze into each day. Life is a bit busy with the rushing around of seeing people, preparing for guests and trying to do normal life too. I assume most people are in the same situation.

There was no formal rehab done again today. I am realising a 13 year old needs to have a break from the intensity of rehab every day. If only there was some way I could build it into her day without her realising, alternatively, is there some way I can put a mature adult’s motivation into a young person’s head???? I need to remember she is a child and as much as it is important she do the rehab in order to recover fully, she is still a child and needs some enjoyment in her life. She is still very young and hopefully in 12 months’ time she will be fully recovered, and this will all be a blur, but the urgency of trying to get back to normality is still there.

It is very difficult to ensure the rehab gets done, when I am working so many hours at the moment – because Kyah is not with me for the majority of each day, even though I send her off with instructions to do specific activities, I am not there to ensure it happens. Hopefully my hours will reduce soon so I can have more of an influence in what Kyah does every day, how she does it, how long for and the intensity. But then there is the fine line of guiding & recommending and nagging & pushing….oh this is difficult.

After a social church morning, we caught up with our dear friend Kylie Brown. It’s been ages since we sat and chatted and caught up on life with each other. Amazing how we all seem to hit the ground running every day. We all are so busy doing things, I wonder what we can eliminate from our lives to make them less hectic and more focused on the important things. We did contemplate this today……

Then we raced over to Miami to have Christmas drinks with some girls from there that I used to train. It was lovely seeing them all and catching up. A fair few hours spent there meant home late. Pack ready for the next day.


I do hope and pray that God gives Kyah the motivation to do the necessary rehab so she is ready for the summer school workshop in 3 weeks. It is proving more difficult to keep her motivated each day.  The psychological aspect of this journey is proving to be the biggest challenge of all. So many aspects to the psychological journey is also very challenging. It is difficult to know how hard to push and when to back off with this journey.

Do not be anxious  about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:6

This journey is ultimately in His hands. I can guide and recommend Kyah to do anything and everything. However, it is up to Kyah to do the work ,and listen to Him to guide her and ensure she gets to where He wants her to be. Please, those of you that are praying, can you pray that Kyah hears His voice and knows what He wants her to do, and where He wants her to go and that she takes the responsibility necessary. Thank you all so much.

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