Onwards and Upwards

Today is the turning point in the journey – onwards and upwards. Kyah and I agreed there is no more dwelling on the injury, or negative thoughts about what Kyah is able to do, or not able to do because of her injury.

From now on we are focusing only on the positives – what she can do, where she is at with her rehabilitation, where she is going with her healing and her journey. Let the spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes. Eph 4:23. This is to be our philosophy from now on.

We are believing the path is going to become very clear and open for Kyah with this positive attitude. Yes, she had an injury, but now, she is more than able to do things, the injury was in the past and the past is the past.  Let’s look to the future – it looks good.

We had to go to the physio that specialises in whiplash and necks today, for treatment for the whiplash we both received from the car accident we had. Both of us were “manipulated” and “massaged” and had joints mobilised. We are both feeling a lot worse now than before we went…. I suppose it is worth it??? Time will tell.

After that we picked up Nika’s children and played with them all afternoon. There was lots of playing in the pool, making big bubbles for the kids to chase, a singing battle, DVD’s, hair salons to visit… it kept us all busy. It was a lovely afternoon.

The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged. Deu 31:8.


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