Oh My Gosh

Today was really busy for me; working again all day. Kyah and Neil went to a toy and hobby shop, and a model toy shop, and Robina, and Palm Beach, and met me for coffee at lunch, and basically they had a really good, fun day… while I was working.  It was nice for them to spend some time together. Neil made sure Kyah did her rehab in the afternoon. She is definitely improving with her stability.

Kyah rang me at work really excited. Apparently Ricky, the specialist paramedic that came and relocated Kyah’s foot, called by the house to see how Kyah was going and to give me a copy of the photos that were taken for the hospital.

In a situation such as Kyah’s, it is a good idea if you can take a photo so when the injured person gets to hospital, the doctors know what the dislocation looked like beforehand, because quite often if it is relocated it looks very normal when they present to the hospital. and they know what they are dealing with. So the ambulance officers took a couple of photos for the hospital and I asked for a copy of them.

Kyah was so happy to see Ricky and thanked him for everything he did. Apparently he was amazed there was no surgery and that she was doing as well as she was.

Ricky emailed me the photos and I must admit, my breath was taken away with one of the photos. It is an absolute assault on the senses, I’m not sure if I can, or should, post it, but I will anyway. The image is proof that she was totally protected, no skin was ripped, and her foot did not actually fall off! All I can say is praise The Lord for protecting her.

Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him; I will protect him, because he knows my name. Psalm 91;14 .

I figure you may as well see what we saw from a different angle. It is not believable unless it is seen. It is amazing that there was no ligament damage at all done around the foot or ankle.


This angle you have pretty much seen with the first photo.



This is just wrong. I can’t believe I held Kyah’s leg for so long waiting for the ambulance, praying everything would be ok…. her foot touching my shoulder while I’m holding her leg.

Seeing these photos now, brings back a lot of the anxiety I felt when it happened. Kyah often speaks about the accident and is obviously trying to process the whole thing in her mind. It is just simply a miracle she is walking again, and that she is contemplating dancing early next year and that she will dance en pointe. We are believing for a complete miracle and this is one in the making. Please keep praying and believing with us.



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