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We are almost half way through March already! Kyah hit the ground running this year. The brand new facilities at Kelvin Grove are absolutely amazing. One real positive for Kyah is that she only needs to catch one bus to the facility and she can get up at 5.15am, not 4.45am. That extra thirty minutes of sleep in the morning makes a big difference. I am sure it will make an even bigger difference when winter comes and it is dark and cold.

We have done some low-key stuff like mini shopping outings at both DFO and Chermside Westfield. These have been really nice for both of us; a bit of time out from the hustle and bustle of life, wandering around, relaxing and enjoying the time away from commitments. A few very good bargains have been acquired along the way too. An added bonus! We have also decided to go out for dinner once a month just the two of us. Somewhere simple, easy, convenient and has great food. There’s a great asian food place just down the road – we went there last week.

This year  Kyah has the opportunity to see the Queensland Ballet physiotherapist, so we are utilising that service. It is so much easier for her to see the physio at the facility, rather than me try to get her to another location to see Jo, her usual physio; who we totally love. However, time is very precious and it gets hard trying to fit everything in. I am sure you all know what I am saying.

Taken beside the Brisbane River, in West End.

At the moment, Kyah has an ankle impingement in her right foot. So on top of all her prehabilitation (prevention of injuries) she is seeing Louise (QB physio) regularly, along with her usual 3-4 times per week of Pilates sessions. On top of this she dances from about 7.30am to 1.15pm every  week day  and 8am to 2pm every Saturday. She is very busy with dance. Then let’s add year 12 studies into the mix.

She is getting through her scholarly work, including her Diploma of Business and the subjects she must complete for year 12. So she is looking like she will successfully complete year 12, which is great. On top of that she has added an online anatomy course! (Oh dear, I see she has picked up some of my behaviours – taking on a lot – perhaps too much,  work!). The anatomy course is so she can become a Pilates instructor when she has time to take on a part-time job. She loves her Pilates and she understands a lot about correct technique and ideal posture, and she knows how to motivate people to exercise, so I think she’d be great at it. The prerequisite for the Pilates course is that she have a certain level of anatomy study completed, then she can do the theory portion of the Pilates course and then the practical portion. This may take until November / December to complete due to time constraints with ballet and the need for face to face learning, but that is okay.

Kyah’s grandfather and grandmother on my side, have both had major health issues over the last six months. It has been a very distressing time for both of us and a lot of unnecessary angst has come about due to certain behaviours. But we are looking for the positives in the situation and finally we found one. Dad was moved into a nursing home so we were able to see him. It was so nice to see him, to sit with him, to chat with and to pray with him.  We hope to be able to see him again very soon, as he is not geographically close to us, it makes it a bit difficult time-wise. But we will find a way.

We had a friend, Alex, move in with us. It is really nice to have someone staying with us for a while. He is from Maryborough and currently looking for work. We are all hoping and believing the right job will come up for him very soon.

We had another gathering at our place. Just a little BBQ, with about 15 people. It was a fun night, as usual. Kyah and Luell managed to use the old “water through the cracks in the verandah” to wet a number of unsuspecting people down below. It was quite amusing watching it happen. Fortunately Brisbane is quite warm and they dried off quickly. Good company, good food, good laughs – something we all need on a regular basis. It was a great evening – just what we both needed.

The official opening for the Queensland Ballet Academy facility was on Friday March 6. There were a number of dignitaries including Minister for Education and Minister for Industrial Relations, the Honourable Grace Grace MP, Queensland Ballet Patron and Governor of Queensland, His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, present. Channel 7 filmed the event. It was a very successful opening. There was a number of people moving through the facility looking at the amazing building as well as  watching the classes. On Saturday, those that had donated to QBA to help furnish the facility were able to walk through the building and see the equipment their donations had contributed to. They were also able to watch portions of classes again.

Here is the link to the Channel 7 article on the opening I can see Kyah in both clips of dancers, I wonder if you can???

We are conscious now more than ever of Kyah eating well and getting enough rest. The COVID-19 virus that is set to hit Australia in the next few weeks will impact a lot of people. We are not alarmists by any means, but we are both taking the potential threat seriously. If we can remain healthy and continue to practice ideal hygiene habits, we both believe we will get by without too much of a direct impact on us personally. We hope you all do too.

Taken beside the Brisbane River, in West End.

Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the Lord

John 15:16  You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit–fruit that will last–and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.

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  1. Annette Herman says:

    Once again, life is moving very quickly for you both….March already…..wishing you a smooth run to the end of the year….good health will be essential …..a strong stamina to meet the inevitable challenges along the way…..
    How wonderful to be dancing in the brand new QB studios….what a privilege….
    Thankyou for sharing….

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