Off We Go

This last week has been great. Again, very busy. So, Kyah was supposed to perform a contemporary dance  at Starbound, but she does not have one at the moment, so she didn’t dance. No problems at all. It will happen.

We had friends come around and we did home-made pizzas, and movie – “Mom’s Night Out”. It is a very amusing movie, but also very stressful. Kyah was on the edge of her seat the entire movie. She was so stressed. The positive is that I can say we have never had a night out like that – Praise The Lord.

We went up to Brisbane and watched The Royal Ballet perform “The Sleeping Beauty” from Covent Garden. Modern technology is amazing. Apparently the performance was streamed to something like 935 countries around the world. It was a fantastic performance. We just loved it.

Then we watched “Dance Academy” at the movies on Sunday. A must-see movie for Kyah. It had a nice story line and the message behind it was very positive. I think both of us could relate to it from a number of levels. Well worth watching.

For those of you interested, please let me know, I can send you a link for you to view Kyah’s first dance back from her horrendous injury. When you watch it keep in mind she has only known this routine for 3 weeks. She did an amazing job. I can’t wait to see how far she will go from now. Look at her feet. Amazing that anyone can do this, let alone someone who has had her foot completely hanging off her leg only 6 months ago. So far there have been so many positive responses about her performance.

I sent this clip to some people who have been praying for Kyah for complete healing. These people do not even know Kyah, nor me, just through a friend they have found out about Kyah. Their responses were so thankful to God for the complete healing – what an absolute miracle.  Apparently they were each crying just watching Kyah perform, knowing where she was 6 months ago. I cannot thank you enough, those who have been praying and supporting us through this journey. Isn’t it wonderful to see promises coming to fruition?

Kyah has had a terrible cold, with really bad flu-like symptoms for the past 4 days, so we needed to go to the doctor to ensure she was able to fly. Yesterday, the doctor gave her the “all clear” to fly, but has given us a medical certificate in case she is unable to perform when she is in NewZealand. She will do her best to perform, but knows her health is more important, and she is aware there will be plenty of other opportunities in the future.  We will see how she feels on the day, each day.

At the airport. Off to NZ.

This is our little pozzie for the night. We are currently at Brisbane International Airport, waiting for our flight very early tomorrow morning to Wellington. Best thing is we get to do the duty free shopping with minimal people around… The whole experience  in Wellington should be fantastic for Kyah. We have a bit if a holiday attached to the end of the 6-day dance schedule. Should be fun, seeing all the geothermal stuff in NZ.  I just hope it isn’t too cold, or wet, or windy…..



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