Moving Right Along

It will be August in a few days. Gosh the year is flying by. Kyah continues to get up at 4.50am, get herself ready for ballet and school, and is out of the house by 6am every weekday. Some mornings are harder than others, especially when it is cold. But thankfully it has not been a very cold winter – neither of us like the cold much.

We have done our share of cold temperatures. In 2013 we went to Canada in their winter and did all the winter activities – skiing / snow boarding both Whistler and Blackcomb, dog sledding, snow shoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, climbing glaciers, saw the Aurora Borealis. It was a fantastic holiday – the snow was over one metre high on the sides of the roads, the snow was freezing on the windscreen of the vehicle; the wipers didn’t work, so you had to stop the vehicle and gently hit the windscreen to break the ice so the wipers would work and you could see again. We had icicles on our eyelashes, all the lakes were totally frozen over, cars were sliding off the roads because of the ice. I could go on for ages about how different the life is over there to here, especially in winter. It was cold: we were aware the temperature at one point got down to minus 34 degrees celsius when we were there. Not sure why we don’t like the Brisbane winter mornings when they get down to 6 degrees, but we don’t.

We used to go to the snow every year. Kyah would ski and I would snow board. She started skiing when she was 2 years old, and she got to practice every year when we went . She became quite good at it. However, once she decided to take dance seriously, she had to make the decision to stop skiing. It is a risky sport for knees and other injuries and she cannot afford to get injured, so we really have not been to the snow since 2013. Oh the sacrifices we make! Not complaining … I do not cope well in the cold.

We have noticed the mornings are getting lighter earlier, so that makes getting up a bit easier. It won’t be long and spring will be here. If this winter is any indication of what a “Brisbane winter” is usually like, bring it on. It is quite pleasant. There have been a couple of quite cold mornings, but mostly it has been very manageable.

We have had one week with no students and it has been really nice. A bit of a rest and normality in the house has been good. By the end of this week, we will have two students for a month. That will keep us both busy and on our toes. It is always disruptive having strangers in your home, but usually the students are lovely and it is nice to welcome them into our country and help them get set up.

Kyah has been driving a fair bit. Most days she drives somewhere. So far she had proven to be a pretty good driver. Each time she drives I notice her confidence improves, which is great. Every now and then something happens and she realises she needs to stay totally focused and be aware of other drivers, and pedestrians  on the road. You know the “blind spot” – it is called a blind spot for a reason…. she learned that one when she was on the motorway!!! Learning to drive is a huge lesson, and  experience is the best teacher for us all. I am amazed at how aware of her surroundings she is; this awareness will really help her become more proficient at driving. There are some people driving on the roads totally oblivious to everyone else. I am glad Kyah will not be one of those people.

On August 9, the school has a “Night of Dance” showcase. Kyah, along with the other kids, have had to attend school on Sundays for rehearsals. Add this on to the already very-full schedule and you have a very busy, tired person. She missed this Sunday as we had a special day with some dear friends – we caught up with Kate and Misha first. Then we had lunch with a small group of lovely friends for Ruth’s birthday. It was a long day, but very worth it.

The restaurant we went to had very healthy options, so we were forced to eat well, which  shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. This salad was amazing. It was all greens with smashed avo and a lovely dressing.

Kyah has been doing pilates at least twice each week. She sees a physio at least once every three weeks, just to keep on top of things, and she has me constantly on her to ensure she is doing something constructive. It is a never ending  requirement that she look after herself. She eats well, goes to bed early, drinks lots of water, makes so many sacrifices to ensure she does not go backwards, or get run down. I assume every dancer is the same; if they want to be any good at what they do. Kyah does not complain about it, but does get tired… tired equals grumpy. There is a huge incentive for me to try to prevent her from getting tired!!!

Queensland Ballet Academy are currently preparing for the end of year gala performance. Usually all the dancers really look forward to this. Performing is why they practice. I also look forward to seeing Kyah dance. She is beautiful to watch. Then coming up after that will be the end of year exams and reports, along with notification as to whether they are asked back into QB or not.  Very soon this year will be over.

Kyah got her hair cut the other day. She got it cut as short as possible so she can still put it in a bun. Because her hair is so thick, it gets really heavy when it is long, then put long, thick, heavy hair into a bun – it can actually cause neck problems and headaches. So I am glad she has realised it is more appropriate for her to have short hair. For the time being, Kyah is enjoying the short hair. Again, it’s another sacrifice that she is making to accommodate her dream. There are so many sacrifices to be made on a daily basis. The life is very different compared  to other teenagers her age. No late nights, no going out on weekends, minimal socialising because of time constraints, constantly being mindful of what she is eating and drinking, being aware of physical activities that may cause pain or injury. The list goes on.

I have just ordered new pointe shoes for her. About a year ago, she found a pair of shoes that suit her feet and feel relatively comfortable – if pointe shoes can ever be described as comfortable! The only issue was that she was wearing out a pair of shoes every second week. This was costing me a small fortune. Thankfully Bloch do take special orders for shoes. We order the Synergy with an extra strong shank. Because you need to pay extra for special orders we order 8-10 pairs at a time. And, because Kyah’s feet have stopped growing, we are able to buy 4-5 pairs one size and the other 4-5 pairs a half size larger to fit her larger foot. When the order arrives we pair up her shoes to suit her and the sewing and darning begins. Apart from the fact I almost have to take out a small loan each time I place this large order,  the only real problem with this is ensuring the order is placed soon enough so Kyah is not without suitable pointe shoes.

We have managed to book a holiday for the end of the year.  Usually Kyah has dance workshops on through the holidays, so us going away is very difficult. This year I have managed to find a cruise for us to go on straight after Christmas. It’s over to New Zealand. Cruising some of the north island, but mostly the south island. Kyah has never been to the south island of NZ before. I am sure she will notice the striking difference between north and south islands. The timing of the cruise is perfect, the duration of the cruise is perfect; 10 nights, the onboard entertainment is perfect, the activities on the ship are amazing; indoor skydiving, rock climbing, dodgem cars, the highest viewing deck on an arm that moves out over the ship, gym, pilates, spin classes,  and the list goes on. It should be a great holiday.

I made some more protein balls. Something simple and quick to grab. Healthy and filling. Kyah also likes the chocolate mud cake muffins and the banana bread I made her this week … surprise, surprise!!!

Psa 112:1-2 Praise the LORD.

Blessed are those who fear the LORD, who find great delight in his commands. 

Their children will be mighty in the the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.


2 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. Anne Herman says:

    As usual …. life runs at a hectic pace…… you will enjoy that cruise….so much to do and keep focused at the same time….. not sure how you both do it…..
    Driving ….. cannot believe that Kyah is out on the road …..
    May the tale end of the year be smooth sailing….. 😀😀

  2. admin says:

    I do like that pun Anne. Yes, we are hoping for smooth sailing all the way to the end of the year as well as our cruise.

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