Moving Along

Well, the first week of full time dancing is complete. Again, Kyah has managed to get through. Her foot feels ok. She has not complained of a sore foot much at all this week, which is good. Her foot is obviously getting stronger and her endurance must be improving. Her range still needs improving and she is working on it. We must start thinking about putting pointe shoes on soon… The big test.

Nika has had Kyah rehearse her new contemporary routine for this years’ competitions as well as the class work that will help improve her Classical Solo and her Repertoire Variation that she is doing in April.

There has been lots of practice and positive reinforcement to help Kyah’s confidence improve with how far she can push herself and what she can do. As I said in the last post, they have to go back over things that should be second nature to Kyah by now, because she must either relearn the technique or figure out how to do it another way so she feels confident in doing it and executing it properly.

We went to Planet Commando again and we did a few extra activities tonight. It is great fun and Kyah challenged herself a bit more.

Pursue…overtake…and recover all. 1Sa30:8



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