Moving Along in 2021

Well, It is Spring here already! How time is flying by.

We are slowly settling in to our new home. We love it. It seems to be the perfect place for us for the moment.

Kyah is now living in reasonable proximity to the places she works. It takes her no more than 20 minutes to drive to each location. She allows more time to ensure she is not late and allows for traffic hold ups, so she usually leaves about 30 minutes before she is due to be there. She really enjoys one particular location; the employer and staff are just so nice; friendly, professional and accommodating. Another place she works is a bit more (well, a lot more) difficult; the employer promised Kyah 20 hours of admin work per week on top of her Pilates Instruction shifts. Kyah stopped work at two other places to makes sure she was able to commit to that. The issue is that she has only ever been given three hours of admin work in any week. And the last five weeks the owner has said Kyah is “not needed at all”. Kyah has since found out the owner has another staff member doing the shift and has lied to all the staff saying Kyah does not want to work there! Why do people behave this way?

Needless to say, this has left a strong sense of hesitation to commit to this employer again. What she has done is not right at all, on many levels. I am encouraging Kyah to look for alternate work with other appropriate places.

It is not a nice experience for Kyah, but one that is good to have happen while she is still at home and does not have huge financial commitments that she is not able to meet. She is going through the school of hard knocks – i.e. the harsh reality of life, just like we all do.  Her current job is considered “non-essential”, so when we go into lockdown, she does not have income. This is another issue for a lot of people at the moment: how on earth are they able to get ahead with saving, investing, setting themselves up to be independent. It is very annoying when an employer promises you something, you make changes to allow it to happen, then they pull the plug it, and add to that the restrictions placed on people by the governments so they are unable to work.     

However, we have been very fortunate in that living in Queensland, we have not been in lockdown too many times and not for long periods of time. We are able to live a relatively “free” lifestyle compared to other people in NSW and Victoria. We really feel for you all and hope this madness is over soon. So many businesses are struggling and being forced to close due to the lockdowns. This whole COVID thing is destroying so many aspects of everyone’s lives. It will be nice when it is all over and we can get on with life; obviously there will be a new normal – people’s eyes will be opened and life will be very different.  

The weather here has been so nice. Kyah has actually used our pool a few times. She is able to have a few hours of relaxation most days so she is definitely making the most of that time. She can be seen poolside most days, and when she gets warm enough, dives in for a few minutes. She assures me the temperature is “refreshing” and I should get in. However, I do note she does not stay in for long. I have not ventured in since March, and I don’t intend on getting in until I see her in the pool constantly for at least 10 minutes. Maybe soon – depending on the temperature. 

We were able to get to the Lego Expo at the Queensland Museum a few weekends ago. We were booked in to attend a few weeks previous to that, but Queensland was put in an “emergency lockdown” from 4pm that day. As we were driving in to the city we received a text saying we would not be able to attend because they were closing all access from 12.30pm. We had to turn around and head home. We were both looking forward to having a “Lego fix”, so what we did was head to the shops and purchased some Lego for Kyah. I could not find anything I liked, so when we got home I got onto the Lego website and purchased some Lego. We actually ended up buying a few great pieces for Kyah, myself, and a friend whose birthday is coming up. It was great when it arrived and I did mine almost straight away. Kyah is waiting for the next inevitable lockdown to do at least one of her new sets.

Here is the Lego I made. I love the Strelitzia flower and I had decided if Lego made the Strelitzia I would purchase it. It is now the centrepiece of the dining table. One day it will be moved somewhere else – but for now that is where it will stay.

We do try to make the most of all the occasions we are in lockdown. We have been so fortunate that Queensland has not gone into long term lockdowns, so when they do happen, we kind of see them as an opportunity to catch up on things that need doing, such as the gardens, sewing, paperwork, sorting, cleaning, and then there is usually a little time for relaxing and enjoying life. I can imagine that after a period of a few weeks in lockdown, and these odd jobs are all done, that lockdown gets rather tedious. Again, we both feel for everyone that is in forced lockdowns. We are believing that soon enough the truth will come out and lockdowns won’t be needed anymore. 


Here are some of the amazing exhibits at the Brickman Wonders of the World Lego Exhibition.





When Kyah turned 18, she was entitled to an inheritance. A friend passed away in 2012 and left Kyah some money. The executor to the will was given a cheque to put into a Trust Fund for Kyah, so when she turned 18, Kyah would receive the money as well as interest over the years.

Well, nothing seems to go smoothly. So when Kyah turned 18, I contacted the solicitors that dealt with the will. Of course, the solicitor that dealt with the will has retired, and she is overseas somewhere and is not looking like coming back to Australia for a while. The law firm has closed that portion of their business and everything is locked in a vault. And the executor is not replying to any of our communications: she is alive and well – as can be seen on her Facebook page. 

We have done a lot of investigating and found out the cheque was banked by the executor into Westpac – we know the location. However, the cheque seems to have been banked wrongfully or something … So now we are on a mission to find Kyah’s money and have it given to her. She is rightfully entitled to it.  Someone is responsible for allowing Kyah’s money to “go missing” and they must be held accountable. What a task. We are hoping and praying it won’t be too hard. Do we let Westpac Legals sort it or do we employ a solicitor to help us??? Any suggestions from you would be appreciated.

Kyah has plans to go to the Gold Coast for a week the first week of the coming school holidays. She is going down with one of her friends and staying at a hotel for a few days, then they are staying with another friend at her house for a few days. She should have a lot of fun. We are both hoping we don’t go into lockdown again. It has been very predictable that every school holidays we go into lockdown. Let’s hope that’s not the case these holidays. Kyah is really enjoying the freedom of being able to go out and spend time with friends. She also has them come and stay over here at home while I am staying with my significant other. 

Kyah went to her old school last night to support one of her friends with her fashion display. As part of year 12 and being a fashion student, the school has a night showcasing the students’ work. This particular friend, her parents live in Victoria, and are unable to be at anything significant for her. So Kyah has stepped into that role. Kyah is also going to the formal with this girlfriend as her support. It is a bit ironic in that Kyah never went to her year 12 formal, but is going to her friend’s year 12 formal at the same school!! They will have fun, I am sure.

We are getting a puppy next week. He is a “moodle” – maltese poodle. Had to be a poodle so he doesn’t lose hair and can be an inside dog. He is pretty cute at this stage of his life. Not really looking forward to the first few weeks of him being here – sleepless nights, toilet training, and then the chewing on things as he goes through teething. Thankfully when they are puppies, they are so cute; this makes the sleepless nights, and toilet mishaps more tolerable.      

Here’s a couple of pics of him. The first pic is when he was only 2 weeks old. The second pic is when he was 5 weeks old. We were told yesterday we will be able to bring him home next week. That is exciting. 


Kyah’s Achilles are still giving her grief. Can you believe that? The inflammation she got when dancing at QB and the mistreatment of her injuries caused the “worst inflammation” the Sports Doctor had ever seen. This was February to July 2020. She is still experiencing huge discomfort. We have had to go out and purchase new joggers for her to help take the pressure off her Achilles while she is working. The joggers need to have an elevated heel to allow the Achilles to shorten a bit. We are hoping it helps. I am quite amazed at how long it has taken for the inflammation to dissipate. Kyah has only recently been commenting on how sore her Achilles are and that the pain never went away. Because of that I have not been giving her  much in regards to rehab for them, but I had no idea they were this bad. It is actually shocking that the physiotherapists have managed to get away with such neglect and mistreatment of someone. I will have to get involved and treat Kyah’s Achilles for her, otherwise this will be a lifelong issue she faces. We can’t have that.   

Kyah is also now doing exercise most days. She has found a new drive and desire to exercise. This drive and desire is from intrinsic motivators – rather than the necessity to perform. I am believing that this pattern of being active will become a very regular routine and then it will become habitual. She is noticing the benefits of regular exercise, and I am noticing she is getting stronger, fitter and has better mental clarity. These are all positives. Obviously I will ensure what she does will help her Achilles rather than harm them.

Kyah is now continually reminding me how close Christmas is. Oh dear.

Psalm 127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain. NIV 





8 thoughts on “Moving Along in 2021

  1. Anne Herman says:

    Lucky Queenslanders……few lockdowns….you are making the most of your freedoms – enjoy….
    Kyah’s working life will of course be an introduction to great leadership teams and bosses, as well as those that lack integrity and are in fact poor bosses. Kyah will learn about the type of leader she will aspire to one day.
    Love the Lego pics and the beautiful bird of paradise that you created Kerrie.
    I am hoping that Kyah’s rightful inheritance is sorted out quickly….this is a shameful situation.
    Sending much love to Brisbane…..

    • admin says:

      Thanks Anne, I am hoping Kyah learns quickly regarding good and not-so-good people. She seems to be realising who she should avoid and not offer her time to – so that is positive. We have all the information we need now in order to get Kyah’s inheritance. It is now up to Westpac if they want to give it to her or we take further action. Next week is D-day for that.

  2. Ruth Higginson says:

    Thank you for the update Kerrie.
    I am amazed at Lego these days. I think I’m back in the era of buying action pieces my kids put together. Love your strelizia!

    Kyah will find her feet and know that not all people have integrity. With you as her guide, she’ll be successful. 👌💕

    • admin says:

      Hi Ruth, Lego is now very adult-friendly. It’s such good fun. Yes, the school of hard knocks. We all navigate through somehow or other. Thanks for the lovely candles again Ruth,

  3. Mom says:

    My goodness. Lots of news to digest.
    You mentioned that you bought a new home
    Am I to think that you plan to remain there indefinitely? Whatever makes you happy but I as hoping to be able to see you in the near future.
    You didn’t mention Kerrie I hope that she is doing well.
    The little puppy is really cute.
    You might check with your sister Robin about the issue with Kyah’s money She’s pretty knowledgeable about these things She has her attorney friend thst might be helpful..

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