More Pool

Again, Kyah got in the pool today. This pool was a bit colder than yesterdays pool; so it was a much shorter “workout”. She did some walking in more shallow water and tried some ballet postures.

She is just enjoying actually being able to move and do something, which is great.

Kyah also did some more stability work on a foam pad. This is essential for her ankle stability and strength. She is also walking around more and more without the need for the crutches.

Her foot, ankle and lower leg still swell a lot and it goes purple when it has been down for a while, so we need to ensure she is still RICE-ing it, to help with the healing.

Ultrasound machine arrived. Just have to figure¬†out how to work it and then it’s all systems go with that. ¬†Off to the doctor tomorrow to get the “official report” on the scan Kyah had on her calf the other day. Again, we are assuming it is all clear and just a simple haematoma. Physio today as well.


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