Mind Games

The mind games continue. Kyah seems to have lost all desire, drive and passion for dance at the moment. Who knows why…. It is very sad to see the love she has always had just simply disappear.

Maybe the journey has been too tough for such a young person. She has had to work so much harder than most people her age in a similar situation. Maybe she just needs a break from the intensity and pressure of it all.

I am finding it hard to comprehend that Kyah said she does not want to dance again. It has been her life-long dream, the one thing that brings her pleasure, the  one way she expresses herself and her refuge from the tough world. Why would she no longer want to do what brings her such pleasure?

I am really not sure what is the right thing to do…. sit back and let her have time off until (if) she ever decides she wants to go back to dance. Or, do I gently encourage her into some form of dance, as a simple outlet for her. I just don’t know what is the right thing to do. Yes, we need to find the path that has been paved for Kyah and have her walk that path, then I know she will be happy and passionate again. Sometimes finding that path is a huge journey itself.

We saw the physio today and she was really pleased with Kyah’s progress regarding her foot. She improved immensely in the last 10 days and that definitely made Kyah feel positive about herself.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring… let’s wait and see.

I am still hoping and praying the lies she has been told in the past no longer affect her. Last year she was in an environment that was extremely toxic and now I can see the repercussions of what was said to her coming out, affecting her very negatively.  All I can do, is pray she is able to allow God to help her believe the truth, and not the lies that were said, so she believes in herself again.

It is very sad here at the moment.


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