Merry Christmas To All

Another month has flown by. So much has happened this last month I simply don’t know where to begin.

Kyah has been going to the physio pretty much every week for 3 months. More so to keep on top of injuries and help prevent them. She does do rehab and prehab exercises at home, but having someone other than her mother telling her what to do makes a difference. I can see she is getting stronger and Kyah reports feeling stronger. This is so important for anyone wanting to use their body for their profession; they must be specifically strong and flexible. Flexibility is not an issue for Kyah at all. She is extremely flexible. This means she must spend a lot more time focusing on strength and stability. Other dancers would be more naturally strong, so they would have to focus more on flexibility. It is a very individual thing.

Both Kyah and I have been spending 3-4 hours each Saturday afternoon for the last few months  helping out with choreographing a dance  for a women’s night at church. The women’s night was held mid December and proved to be very successful. There was over ninety women present, with some very kind and generous men offering their time to serve the women. I was asked to do a testimony about Kyah’s foot and the miracles that God has performed all the way through the journey so far. We are preparing to receive other miracles from God to help Kyah continue on the path He has laid for her.  Kyah started and finished the dance individually, but there was seven other women that danced. It was absolutely beautiful and all the women watching were blessed.

We were asked to repeat the performance again on Sunday to the church congregation. I did a very abbreviated version of the testimony, but the magnitude of the miracle God performed with Kyah’s foot was realised. Again, the dance was beautiful and the congregation was blessed.

Kyah has had a few birthday parties to attend this last month. We even had a few girls over to celebrate one of Kyah’s friends sixteenth birthday. The birthday girl had a sleep over, and the other girls left quite late. I think they all had loads of fun.

Kyah  is finally starting to settle in with a lovely group of girls and boys. I think it is definitely more difficult to fit into a group the older the child is.  Kyah started this year at the new school in year 10.  The social groups are already established, so it’s difficult for a quiet, shy child to join in. But she is finally managing to. This is a huge relief. We are hoping she will get to catch up with some of the girls that have not gone away for the Christmas break.

We finally got confirmation of Kyah’s subject selection for years 11 and 12. She is really looking forward to the diversity in subjects and timetabling.. I think she has selected her subjects wisely. Her load will not be as heavy as it could have been, but she will still graduate high school with more than the minimum requirement. An amazing achievement considering dance has taken up a huge portion of her time all of her schooling life.

Kyah attended Robina High School in year 7 and for a portion of year 8.  When she was at Robina High School she was in the Japanese Immersion program. The program is amazing but unfortunately, it was so intense, and required a huge amount of time commitment for additional studies. Kyah simply did not have the time to commit to it, and her dance commitments conflicted directly with the program. I ended up taking Kyah out of school to do home education and then distance education, so she could fit her studies in, around her dance commitments. Anyway, the kids she started the Japanese Immersion Program with, graduated the program in December, so I took Kyah down to the Gold Coast so she could connect with them all and congratulate them on such an amazing achievement. She really liked seeing them all. It is interesting to see the direction Kyah could have been headed if she did not make the decisions she and I have made to get her to where she is now.

There was a break up function for the Queensland Ballet Academy.The program is renown as being a very difficult program because of the time required for both dance and school. But she has managed to finish the year successfully. As much as it has been a tough year, Kyah has enjoyed most aspects of it. There are some things I think she would have liked to be different, but challenges will always make you stronger, when you rise up to them and deal with them. She has definitely done that this year and she will be going into 2019 a much stronger person than she was a the start of 2018; in more ways than just physical. She is very much looking forward to being in Queensland Ballet Academy in 2019.  I think in a lot of ways next year will be slightly less demanding, especially in regards to her school requirements, even though it is year 11 she is moving into.

We met up with Kyah’s dear friend, Emily and her mum Becky. We caught the ferry over to Bulimba, had lunch, caught the ferry to Brisbane and then walked along the river back to the car. It was a lovely afternoon, chatting and catching up. The girls had a great time. They seem to simply catch up where they left off last time – a true friendship. We will be seeing them a few times (hopefully), over the Christmas break, before the onslaught of uni starts for Emily, and school and dance start again for Kyah.

Kyah had a couple of performances at the QUT Garden Theatre with Queensland Ballet, for Kelvin Grove State College. The dancers performed a couple of dances from their Prelude ’18. A few of the people from church were fortunate enough to come along and see Kyah dance. They absolutely loved watching the whole performance.

We raced down to the Gold Coast one day and had a Christmas get together with my ladies I used to train. They eagerly follow Kyah’s progress, as well as ensure I stay sane in amongst it all!! We had a lovely Christmas lunch, then all dispersed to do other things. Kyah and I headed to the HOTA (Home of The Arts – previously The Arts Centre). We caught up with Kate and we watched an end of year dance concert, that her daughter Misha performed in. It was the first time we have watched an end of year dance concert that Kyah has not had to perform in. She really enjoyed sitting and watching a number of kids that she used to dance with perform. It was a rather late night by the time we got home, but that’s OK; it was very worth it.

Our dear friend Anne provided us with tickets to see Eclipse, performed by ACPA (Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts), at the Cremorne Theatre in Brisbane. It was a really enjoyable evening. The performance had acting, singing and dancing, and it was a pleasure to watch. There is definitely some real talent amongst the members of the group.

Kyah participated in the inaugural Elite Summer Program conducted by Queensland Ballet.That was six long days straight and she enjoyed every minute of it. Lots of familiar faces both with teaching staff and the participants. It was also a nice way to end the year from dancing.

We both saw the Nutcracker at QPAC.It is a lovely ballet to see just before Christmas. Kyah got to see the dress rehearsal performance and I got to see it a few nights later. We both got to see the same cast perform, and with the live orchestra, so that was nice.

There is really no total rest for Kyah. She is booked in with the physio for pilates prehab, as well as pilates group sessions right the way through the Christmas break. She is also doing another dance workshop that is two weeks in duration in the middle of January, and we have agreed she will be in our gym most days doing something for rehab, prehab, strength, stability, flexibility, pointe work etc so when dance resumes it is not a shock to her body. It is also a great opportunity to focus on the areas of her body that need a bit more tweaking to prevent injuries.

We hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas, may the festive season be enjoyable and safe for you all, and may 2019 be filled with many happy moments

Phi 1:6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. 

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas To All

    • admin says:

      Thanks Gwenda, it is a full time commitment. Just making sure Kyah is not jeopardising her future, but at the same time finding a balance, especially in the holidays, so she can have a social life and feel like a normal teenager for a short time. Bless you, xx

  1. Anne Herman says:

    Oh my another incredibly intense time for you both…I do not know how you do it…
    How do you find the time ???
    Wishing you an amazing Christmas and the happiest New Year…

  2. admin says:

    Yers, even though it is the holidays, there is no rest really. It seems there must always be consideration given to Kyah and her path. Food, activities, exercise, sleep, travel, the list goes on. They must all be considered at all times to ensure she is getting enough rest, proper nutrition, not partaking in dangerous activities, always being able to do some exercise. I think you get what I mean. 2019 will be a great year for us all.

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