Merry Christmas to All

Wow! December is almost over! Time seems to be flying faster and faster. Christmas will be here and gone before we know it. I hope, pray and believe we will be finishing this year on a much more positive note than we have had over the last two years. It has been challenging for everyone on a number of levels and for different reasons.

Life for us has been pretty much routine  – work, home, seeing friends, shopping trips, trying to get some down time in, throughout each week. The wonderful distraction we have is our new dog, Sayge.  He is five  months old now.  Has had his essential shots so he is able to get out and about. He just entertains us all the time.  He loves all my clients and is so excited when he sees one of them coming up the driveway to the gym. Most of my clients love him. But if you’re not a dog person, I get it.

The vet recommended for him not to get clipped until he turned 6 months. However, he was getting pretty hot with the long hair he had and the hot days Brisbane has. So we cut his hair with scissors to keep him cool. It worked, it wasn’t pretty. But, he did not want us to cut the hair near his face. So we sent him off for his first official hair cut three weeks ago. He came home from the pooch parlour looking and smelling wonderful. Apparently he was very well behaved except when she tried to cut the hair near his face. So it wasn’t just us that struggled with that area.  She managed to clip all his body, and did not go too short, because he is still not 6 months old and apparently  it’s not advisable to clip close to their skin before that age.

Sayge, after his clip.

He has brought such joy, entertainment, and laughter into our home. He is everything we wanted in a dog and more. The perfect companion – my “significant other” for the time being.

We went out to Chinchilla to spend the long weekend with friends. It was such a wonderful weekend. There was two main intentions for the trip: one was to see our friends and catch up with what’s been happening in their lives, and the other reason was to help them renovate a room. We had so much fun. Kyah spent almost the entire time with the kids and the dogs (we took Sayge) and they have a dog. The dogs played – well, Sayge chased Blythe all around, almost constantly, wanting to play. Blythe was not really interested, but it was so entertaining watching the persistence of Sayge and Blythe trying to tell him to stop bothering her.

While Kyah was with the kids, I spent the day painting the downstairs room with Kylie. It was hard work, because it was pretty hot, the walls were brown brick and needed to be painted white and they needed to look fresh, and clean. I’m not sure if any of you have painted brick before – it can be quite difficult when you need to ensure all the little holes are filled so there’s no brick showing through at all. I used a roller twice over, then had to go over every brick with a paint brush to fill in all the holes to make sure the walls looked white – not white with spots of brown. It was so hot the paint dried so quick we were able to do multiple coats on the one day. It was so much fun. I really enjoyed it. I have not done work like that for a while. Kyah helped a bit towards the end of the day and I think she enjoyed herself. All in all, the finished product was pretty good.

Sayge was so well behaved the entire trip. He coped with the four hour drive each way. He behaved in the dog-friendly motel we stayed in – no accidents or mishaps.  Kyah did a lot of the driving both ways. It was a great opportunity for her to drive on country roads. They are very different to driving on motorways and city roads. I actually slept a lot of the drive home. That was good for both of us; it indicated to her I trust her driving, and the rest was well needed for me.

Kyah had her work Christmas party at Southbank in November. They had drinks and a picnic-style party on the grasslands at Southbank. I dropped her in there and picked her and two of her friends up afterwards. We then all went out for a couple of drinks. It was the first time I have been out to a club / pub with Kyah like that. She had had a few drinks at their Christmas party and was a bit tipsy, but she was still the “responsible” one – looking after her friends. It was such a nice evening seeing her in a totally different way.

We are still trying to get Kyah’s inheritance. We have managed to find where the money was banked – Westpac. But it seems the executor has taken all the money out and is not replying to us when we try to make contact with her. Apparently the executor has acted unlawfully and we need to take legal action against her. Why do people have to be so greedy and take what is not theirs? It is such a hassle trying to fight for what is rightfully Kyah’s. I don’t know how this woman thinks she is going to get away with it. We have all the evidence we need. Why do people have to make life so difficult? One challenge we have is finding a solicitor that is willing and able to take the case on. Even this is proving to be harder than I thought. I hope and pray this is resolved much sooner and easier than I think it will be.

I shouted Kyah and I to a three hour Indulgent Spa Experience on the Gold Coast. We had tea and chocolates on arrival. Then we had champagne, chocolates and a cheese platter while we had a foot soak. After that we had a facial each, a massage and a body scrub. The three hours  was quite indulgent and we left there feeling relaxed. It was the first time we had done something like that together and it was really enjoyable.

After that we went and saw some friends for afternoon tea / dinner. We had a really long day, but it was lovely.

We have managed to complete our Christmas shopping. We had a few trips out and have done online shopping as well. We are just waiting for a few ordered items to arrive. Christmas trees and decorations are up and the house is looking fairly Christmas-y. It will be here before we know it. We don’t really have any plans for Christmas Day. We actually like to lay low for Christmas. A quiet, uneventful day is usually what we enjoy. We may even take Sayge out for a walk this year! We are both looking forward to some quiet time, a swim in the pool, maybe put some Lego together (a Christmas tradition for us), not having to go out anywhere, just rest. The plans we have for 2022 are pretty exciting and yes, life will be busy for us. We should try to rest while we can.

The only thing we need to do before Christmas Day is make apricot balls and chocolate balls. This is the only food tradition or effort we go to. We do not have huge amounts of food all day that then takes weeks to finish off. We just focus on spending time together and relaxing. I imagine this is a very foreign concept for many people, but that is what we do. If we were to go to someone’s place for Christmas, we would make the effort to take exaggerated portions of food, but if it’s just us, we really don’t bother. I simply don’t want to spend the afternoon in a food coma.

I managed to make our front lawn a garden. One day a couple of weeks ago, we went and bought some cypress mulch to make a relatively small garden on part of the front lawn. The landscape supplier gave me triple the mulch I needed so I ended up doubling the size of the garden. It looks better having the garden take up the entire lawn – but it was not intended. This was hard work! It was hot!. I started from scratch and worked all day until the garden was made: ground cover down, plants in, garden edge made, mulch on top. I was pretty tired for the next few days, and sunburnt.

Kevin has come up and gone back to NSW this last week. He was one of the first people over the NSW / QLD border when it was opened. He had to sleep in his car just south of the border while he waited over 48 hours for his PCR test to come back negative. I won’t  go into my thoughts about  border closures, PCR tests, double dose vaccinations, now a booster shot will make you “covered”. All I know is this whole COVID thing has been so successful in dividing the people. It is absolutely tragic what the world has come to. I do believe that 2022 will give us the opportunity  to make a fresh new start. I am really looking forward to it.

Kevin brought the dogs up with him and they were a bit put out by having Sayge here – they are not used to having to share their “accommodation” or us with another dog. So it took a few days before Oliver and Truffles softened to Sayge. It was interesting seeing the interaction of the dogs with each other. They finally became “friends” on the final day Kevin was here. Hopefully next time he brings them up, they will mix better together instantly.

While Kevin was here I was very strategic: I ordered a cubic metre of stones. Shovelling stones is really hard work. They are heavy and they needed to go up a hill. So thankfully, Kevin, being the person he is, he kindly helped me finish the front yard. (He did not really have much option but to help!!!). The edging was done, the matting down and then the stones. Again, it was a typical hot day for Brisbane. I am not sure if you know Brisbane weather – but it is hot and humid. Not pleasant at all. It has often been referred to as a “cauldron” and I know why. Anyway, the front yard is now complete. I am really pleased with the finished product. Lots of hard work, but worth it.

.   This was the front yard when we moved in.


This is the front yard now. A huge thank you to Kevin for his help with shovelling the stones.

We have also made another little low-maintenance garden out the back of the house. This area does not get much sun in winter, so the grass does not grow very well here. We are both really pleased with the finished product. At the moment, the white cherry blossom solar tree has Christmas decorations on it. The tree will be a permanent fixture, we will simply remove the decorations once Christmas is over. It’s quite nice to have a tree that lights up in the yard every evening.

Kyah and I would like to wish you all a safe, happy, and joyous Christmas. We hope you all get to spend fulfilling time with family and friends. May 2022 bring you all hope and happiness.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (NIV)




2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to All

  1. Anne Herman says:

    Wishing you and Kyah a beautiful Christmas and may the New Year bring joy and peace….❤️❤️ Life has definitely been throwing some curve balls … are lucky to live in the “ cauldron” as thus far you have escaped much of the impact of Covid, sadly this is changing.
    The yard looks terrific….well done all involved, including Kevin . Little Sayge must be a delight – utterly adorable.
    Thinking of you both over this Festive Season……a time to recharge and just be together…..I do hope the New Year is kind to us all……

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