Merry Christmas Everyone

Christmas is here! We would like to wish everyone a very safe, and happy Christmas. May you all spend the festive season surrounded by family and friends, creating wonderful memories.

A little terrace house in Glebe, NSW, all done up with christmas lights

So much has happened since the last post – only a month ago. We went to Ballina to catch up with one of my aunties and we went via Nimbin. The markets were on. It was a lovely, very scenic drive. Nimbin was a different place, but that is to be expected.

My aunty seemed to be OK – obviously time will help with the rawness of her loss, but generally, she seemed to be OK. It was nice to see her and chat. Lunch was lovely, sitting overlooking the beach – brought back many memories for me. I went to school in Ballina.

Kyah has been doing her Pilates sessions with Sylvie every week. I can see she is getting stronger and Kyah can feel it. It’s a shame the holidays are on, because there is now a 2 week break. I suppose having a rest is always good, especially before the big change next year.

We picked up one of Kyah’s cousins at the end of her schoolies week.  It was really lovely to see Molly again and have her stay with us. We went up to Brisbane and did some house hunting for next year. It is amazing how misleading photos can be. The angle the photos are taken from and the angle of the lens can make a room look huge, when in actual fact, they are tiny. It is also interesting (more like frustrating), with the terminology used to describe a place. More often than not, I would not use the words they use to describe what we are looking at…. It is vert time consuming to drive to Brisbane, then drive around looking at places  that are presented as being something they really aren’t. I right place will come up.

Kyah was in a Christmas concert early December. The dance she and Macca did was fantastic. They both looked great and did a really good job. They only had a couple of sessions to practice and polish it. Heidi and the girls have been such a blessing for Kyah this year. She has really found that love and enjoyment again with her dance. She has also made some nice friends with these girls. A really nice way for her to end the year. Kyah is a bit sad to be leaving them all, but she knows she has something more exciting ahead, and very soon.

We went to QPAC and saw Queensland Ballet perform The Nutcracker. We were so fortunate to have been able to get tickets to see Li Cunxin dance. Our original tickets were for another date, but because we had season tickets, we were able to change our tickets to go to the performance Li was in.  We did not know until we got there and saw the cast list, that a number of Queensland Ballet teaching staff were also dancing. It was a real treat to see such great talent. Needless to say, Kyah loved it.

We caught up with a dear friend, Heather. She came “dumpster diving” (not really – but that’s it what it is referred to as), with us to help us get a pile of boxes ready for the move.  The boxes are flattened and put in recycle containers – so they are totally clean and in perfect condition. We got a car load; various shapes and sizes to suit!

Yes, we are moving to Brisbane. So many things need to happen between now and when we move.  It is a very stressful time. Not just moving, but trying to find a place that is big enough for us, as well as a homestay from Queensland Ballet, and to accommodate our gym, must be close to the school and dance venue. Then there’s the issue of people trying to do the wrong thing by you in negotiations. It will all sort, but it is the going through the sorting that is stressful.

Kyah had to help out with another end of year dance concert. She has been doing some prac teaching this semester; helping out with  little 4 year olds. So when the girls were dancing, Kyah was on stage with them, helping them out and prompting them as to what to do. She had fun and the responsibility is good for her.

We’ve had birthday parties, Christmas gatherings, BBQ’s, trip to the movies. Then a quick trip to Sydney. We caught up with family for Christmas, friends for coffees and chats, and we went to the Australian Ballet’s performance of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The production was fantastic. The way it was presented was amazing. There was a huge cast. After having watched Queensland Ballet so much, and the Royal Ballet once this year, and then to see the Australian Ballet, I am now able to see marked differences in their styles and presentation.

Kyah with her Grandma Geraldine

We were supposed to arrive back from Sydney last night, but did’t get in until  this morning: after we checked in at the airport, we were informed our flight was cancelled. So we had another night in Sydney. Not very exciting. But finally home this morning.  While waiting to be called for boarding you can see a lot of activity going on with a plane. Here, one of the pilots are cleaning the windscreen. Reminded us of “Flying High” where they guy stands on a ladder to clean the windscreen. Not quite, but funny anyway.

Cleaning the windscreen before our flight.

We received news 2 days ago that Kyah has been successful in an audition to perform at the Commonwealth Games, with Bangarra. What an opportunity. Both of us are really happy for her.  Obviously all details are confidential. This was the audition she did a few weeks ago. Naturally we checked with Queensland Ballet beforehand,  if she was successful, would it be OK if she performed, and they gave the go-ahead.  Rehearsals start next year.

Kyah was able to audition for the closing ceremony to dance beside Queensland Ballet, but Kyah said because she had already told Bangarra she would be available if she was successful, she did not think it appropriate to audition for a ballet performance as well.  The load would have been too much with everything.  Also, she did not want to have to decide nor go back on her word.

So as this year comes to a close, we are packing for the move and frantically looking for an appropriate house for us. We have offered to have a homestay student with us next year. It is intended we get a girl from Melbourne who is going into the same year level as Kyah with school and dance. Kyah is really looking forward to having her around and I am hoping they will become the very best of friends. It will be intense with them going to school together, dancing together, living together, but we will figure that out as the time goes on.

Bring on 2018. Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass. 1Th 5:24

May you all have a very safe and happy Christmas.

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