We went to Brisbane today. I purchased tickets to Matilda a while ago, and today was the day for us to go see it. A train ride to Brisbane, a wander around Southbank with lunch and a coffee, then it was into the Lyric Theatre at QPAC to watch Matilda.

It was amazing. The children that performed are amazing. Their talent; singing, acting, dancing, performing, entertaining an audience… simply fantastic. The adults were also fantastic, James Millar played a fantastic Miss Trunchbull.  We both thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

No rehab was done today, but lots of walking around Southbank. This place was surprisingly quiet in the day time. It seemed to get more busy after the show was over and we were rushing to the train station.This was a rather quick walk  to try to catch the next train – save us waiting another 30 minutes for the next train.  It is probably the fastest Kyah has walked in months … 3 months to be almost exact… to the day!

I notice Kyah’s foot still swells very readily. Today, because we were up and about a lot, it was particularly swollen, but most days it is still very swollen by the end of the day. Today, it just swelled up sooner than usual because we were out and about. We will know her foot is better when it does not swell.

A quiet Christmas eve at home. We watched the carols performed from Melbourne. We actually tuned them off after a while because there were hardly any Christmas carols as such, watched a Christmas DVD, then back to the carols.  More sewing of a tutu was done as well. I am hoping that if Kyah sees me sewing the tutus, it will inspire her to keep going. There is such a mental battle we are fighting here, along with the obvious physical battle. Every day there is a battle of some sort for her rehab – even though she has never voiced complaint, I’m sure she questions why this has happened to her, and I’m sure she wishes it never did. I just live in the hope that the journey will cause her to become a much stronger, more determined, more driven and more God-focused person.

Some of these people have missed the most important thing in life –  they don’t know God. 1 Tim 6:21 TLB

We wish you all a safe and happy Christmas. We hope your time spent over this festive season is spent with those near and dear, and you feel surrounded by God’s love, grace and peace.






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