Today is the start of 2017.  We are hoping and believing this year will be a fantastic year; with lots of positive changes to happen. A change is as good as a holiday, so bring on the changes. Positive ones only, please.

The most bizarre thing happened today. As we were leaving the house, to go out, there was about 3 or 4 magpies on our front lawn, but as soon as we walked out the front door, these magpies started walking towards us, and they kept walking. We have occasionally fed a magpie or two when we have been in the garage and they come around, but we have never fed them from the front door.

Anyway, these 4 magpies kept walking towards us. We assumed they wanted food… Kyah had a freshly baked and iced cupcake in her hand… I didn’t want the magpies to go for the cupcake and possibly injure Kyah in the process, so we dove inside the house.

We raced and got some bread for the magpies. When we came back out with some food, there must have been 10-12 magpies on the front lawn. As soon as we started giving them bread, we had more arrive, to take the total up to at least 15 or 16 on our front door and lawn. It was amazing. There just seemed to be a swarm of magpies, on our front lawn. We fed them and then we took off.

Have not seen them since. We have never seen so many magpies on our front lawn together, and wonder why they were there….

There was no rehab done today. Tomorrow there is a session planned, so it will be the start of getting back into it all again. No rest from tomorrow; the holiday has been had, and now it is time for serious work to begin.




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