Loads of Fun

Today Kyah went with the Howie’s for the day. She had loads of fun playing: in the pool, out of the pool, at their place, with some other children as well, a trip to Max Brenner and the library.

Again, it was a very hot day today, so by the time I picked her up, she was pretty tired. They all seemed to have a lot of fun, and enjoyed each others company. Lots of rehab was done in the pool, so that was a bonus. Thank you so much Howie’s for looking after Kyah all day.

It is amazing how fast the time is passing by. We are almost halfway through the month of January. Everyone seems to be busy, doing things but we all also seem to have so many things yet to do…. This is not just adults, this is children as well. Time just flies. It is almost as if you sit and relax for a short while you have missed your opportunity to get things done and that opportunity never comes around again, unless you forego sleep to get it done.

We have set goals for Kyah to achieve certain targets by certain times, and with those goals, we have set specific activities that she needs to have done by those times, in order to help her achieve her goals. Even though achieving these goals is her priority, life seems to get in the way sometimes and she simply runs out of time to do some of the set activities. I find that most people I deal with everyday are in the same situation.

Rather than being hard on ourselves, we need to accept that life is busy, stay focused, and continue trying, take time to rest, and focus mainly on the important things, and not worry about the superfluous things and when we are doing something ask ourselves “Is this the best thing I could be doing wiht my time right now?” I’m not sure how else to ensure we get our “stuff” done.

Kyah’s progress is amazing and she has come so far already. I know there are lots of people out there praying for her and she will fulfil the plan He has for her. We are past the injury now, we are focusing on the positives and moving forward.




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