Like Climbing a Wall

Kyah is still plugging away, working as hard as she can. Her foot is tender / sore at the end of her dance sessions. Her foot is also fatigued at the end of the dance sessions. 3 to 4 hours is a fairly long time to be dancing. But she seems to be managing.

When she gets home from dancing all morning, she needs to rest her foot and the rest of her body. Some specific stretches are done to help relax her tight muscles and to help prepare the body for another onslaught the next day. It is a constant process.

This time last year we had just come home from a 10 day cruise to the South Pacific. I think almost every Aussie has done this cruise. If you haven’t, you should think about it. Cruise life is fun, easy, relaxing, pretty cruise-y really – pardon the pun.

We went on a ship that offered some outdoor activities on the very top of the ship. Here are some pictures of Kyah climbing the funnel (smokestack) of the ship we were on. It has a rock climbing activity set up on it and if you are able, you can get to the very top of the funnel. It is fun.


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