Kyah’s First Walk

Today we went up to Redcliffe / North Lakes to look at another tutu for next year. It is planned that Kyah will be doing 2 different classical dances and therefore requires 2 different tutus.

The shop we went to had some lovely stuff. An outfit for her contemporary dance was bought, along with a Christmas present as well.

Our car had to go in for an assessment, to see the damage caused by the accident and we were told that yes, it was a fairly hard hit, because the bumper bar has been shoved up into the car itself. We kind of figured that because the boot now doesn’t open or close easily / properly.

We needed to go back to the chiro to get adjusted again. We also had to go to the police station to report the accident.

Today we went for Kyah’s first walk since her accident. A friend lives just down the road, so we walked down there. All of a 5 minute walk each way, but Kyah managed to do it fairly well. She preferred to stick to the road, where the terrain was more predictable. But she walked very well.

I am finding as time goes on that the mental side of this healing is going to be the biggest challenge. Kyah is aware she had some sort of extreme injury, but to this day, she has not really looked at “the photo”. The mental side of dealing with “my foot was detached from my leg”…. has got to be difficult for anyone to come back from. This was not a normal injury at all, and speaking to the physio last week, even she was unsure  as to what we are rehabbing…. A soft tissue injury that wasn’t really a soft tissue injury, the breaks are healed, there is restricted range, there is swelling, there is pain, there was no soft tissue injury, but the soft tissue needs to be treated  – strengthened, and stabilised.

The mental aspect of Kyah overcoming this injury will be the biggest hurdle she will have to overcome.  If she can do that, then yes, she will be invincible. Climbing that mountain is proving extremely difficult for her and I at the moment. I need to focus on this: The wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. (James 3:17). Some of these days are very tough. Kyah just needs to believe in herself and trust that God’s promise He gives in the light, still stands in the dark, and He will deliver, but she also needs to work for it.

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