Kyah’s Attitude

Nika Sheremetieva, Kyah’s dance teacher assures me that Kyah’s attitude is improving. Looking at the photos I have been sent and am now putting up here, I can definitely see the improvement. Kyah has come a long way with Nika especially considering they have had to work around a less-than-functional foot.

Kyah will be doing this attitude (position) for both her classical solo throughout the year as well as her variation repertoire she needs to perform in April in Wellington; all going well and she is able to dance en pointe.

Yes, she is wearing pointe shoes, but she is not dancing properly in them as yet, and she definitely has not been up on pointe on her left foot, as yet. We are still believing and hoping this will happen, and her ankle will allow her to get into the correct position, with load, and dance properly, and feel confident when she is doing it, and look  graceful and elegant at the same time…. No pressure Kyah.

We were hoping to see the specialist physio yesterday, but that has been delayed until next week now. Bummer when your specialist gets sick hey? I am hoping the physio will instil confidence in Kyah to attempt going up on pointe. I’m sure we are all aware that the external reassurance and encouragement and advice is more influential than mum’s advice and suggestions…..  It’s all good – trusting and believing.


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