Kyah Ran Today!!

Well, the girls had a lovely day today. I worked, Tina looked after the girls and they went and caught up with another friend in Coolangatta.

They played in the pool for a few hours, had some lunch, went to Max Brenner for the necessary chocolate feed, and then came home and did some choreography. They had so much fun.

Being in the pool has proven to be very beneficial for Kyah and her rehab; especially when she is playing with other children. She seems to forget about her foot and just plays the game, whatever that may be. The pool is proving to be some of the best rehab she could be doing. It is not stability specific or anything else like that, but it is giving her confidence to do things she wouldn’t normally consider if she was wrapped up in “cotton wool” and protected from everything. Obviously there are a number of things I need to prevent her from doing in order to reduce her risk of further injury for the tie being, for example: stand up paddle boarding, jumping on a trampoline and perhaps something like ice skating, or a high ropes course, at the moment.  With time, though, I am sure Kyah will get there with all of these activities.


After dinner I was taking the rubbish out to the bin outside and Kyah had offered to take it out. I was happy to do it, but she started chasing after me. I was already out the door and I looked back and saw her running (as best anyone can run in a house), toward me.

I got outside and put the rubbish in the bin and realised Kyah had just run. I went back inside and said to Kyah “You just ran” and it took her a little while to actually realise what I had just said… Kyah ran today! First time since before September 26, 2016, Kyah ran today!

She then “ran” around the house (inside), a few times. Wow! She can run. No pain. We were both so happy. Her foot is definitely improving. It is really a confidence thing now. I will start getting her to put her pointe shoe on her left foot – see if it even fits her foot, then just wear the pointe shoe while she is sitting down, then slowly progress.  Dancing en pointe is slowly becoming a closer definite option, rather than just a blur on the horizon, or a definite “no, never”, like some would have us believe.

We just need to keep praying for protection, that nothing like this will ever happen again. May he grant you your heart’s desires, and fulfill all your plans! Psa 20:4

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