Kyah is Walking!

Can you believe it? Kyah is walking… almost properly! She was setting up her new school room and just stood up to get something. She was able to take a step, albeit gingerly, without the crutches! Praise The Lord. 6 weeks and 1 day after her terrible accident, she can walk unassisted.

She took a few more steps around the house, very cautiously, but very well. Hardly a limp, with concentrated effort on correct placement of her foot and controlled weight bearing. But she walked.

She then put her moon boot on, and spent the majority of the afternoon walking around without the crutches. Yay! Real progress.

We had the ultrasound done on Kyah’s ankle. It seems there is nothing wrong  – no tear in the calf or achilles. Possibly just a simple haematoma. We knew there was nothing wrong – sometimes you have to go through the hoops to confirm what you already know.

Again today, someone said to Kyah, that she would be lucky if she ever dances again. Do people not realise the power of words. Pro: 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.

Speaking negatively over anyone can have such devastating effects. This journey is obviously also about both of us learning not to listen to negative comments and rising above them and staying focused on His promises. What has been promised to us in the light, still stands in the dark. We are believing this.

We also sat and did our own little plan for short term and long term goals. In line with Nika’s plans, we needed to come up with how to get to each milestone. There are lots of unknowns, but we all know the best laid plans are able to be changed. We are going in with that attitude.

There was lots of stability work done today with a lot more confidence from Kyah’s perspective. Kyah is just so happy, she can actually start to think about dancing again. I had better get sewing to make her tutu for next year!

A friend even made the comment today, that if you just looked at Kyah’s left foot without the right one, it looks like a normal foot. We are definitely seeing progress.

img_6471     img_6472


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