It’s Party Time

Today we caught up with some friends from the dance world – Kate and Misha. It is always lovely to see them. Kyah and Misha get on really well and Kate and I could sit and chat for hours. Thanks girls, for a lovely morning and coffee together.

Then we came home and Kyah did her rehab. She is definitely ramping it up a bit with looking after the Achilles and doing her stuff. This is nice to see.

In the afternoon and evening we went to a Christmas party at the Howie’s. Lots of people to catch up with for both Kyah and I. Kyah must have spent the best part of 3 hours in the pool; playing with the other kids. She had a great time.

It was nice to get a chance to sit and chat with people that are always on your radar, but you never seem to get time to talk with. It was a really nice evening, thank you Howie’s.

When we got home, we put the FSB oil on Kyah’s foot and ankle. Kyah has been putting this oil on every day since we bought it. She does notice the foot feels better when the oil is on – so it must be doing something positive.  First time in ages, I strapped her foot for bed. The heat with the oil apparently helps with the healing, so I wanted to keep the foot fixed, and warm.  More a preventive measure than anything else, so when Kyah wakes in the morning she is not too sore. We are both anticipating a level of pain tomorrow…. Let’s hope we are wrong.


Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.1Pet 5:7

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