It’s Hot

Today was a very low-key day. We went to work in the morning, then went to the shops for fresh fruit and vegetable shopping, all the stationery Kyah needs for school and a few rolls of strapping tape in preparation for next week.

There are still plenty of people around enjoying the school holidays. It is not long now until life will return to “normal” – school resumes and all the extracurricular activities will return to normal.

Kyah sorted her books ready for school. We still have plenty of things to organise for her return to school. She is doing distance education so she can fit all her dance requirements in with the demands of school. We are both looking forward to it.

Today was so hot, Kyah did not do much rehab or exercise for her foot. The heat really knocked us around today – we needed to have a rest and recuperate from the Christmas break with all the social activities, all the work I have been doing, the recent visitors we have had, and all the late nights we have been having. It does all catch up at some stage. I suppose a rest every now and then is OK.  Tomorrow is another day.

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We finally had some time to play memory. Do you remember the picture cards that we used to play memory with? Well, Kyah and I used to play a lot when she was very young. She was pretty good at it. Today we had a tiny bit of spare time to play a game or two. It was good fun. It is really hard to find time each week to spend time together and play games – time just seems to fly, especially when there is work commitments, dance commitments, school, etc.  But I think these times spent together are invaluable. We are going to make a conscientious effort to make it happen more this year.

One tutu is pretty much completed – just waiting for the “OK” from Nika. I have started the next one and we think it will look beautiful. The best thing about me making Kyah’s tutus are that no-one will have a tutu like hers. They are made with a combination of input from Nika, Kyah and myself, and they look completely different to others we have seen out there. I enjoy making them too.




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