It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Today was great! I only had to work a half day today instead of the usual long days I have been working. We were home by midday.

Kyah got all the Christmas decorations out from storage, and… we set up the Christmas tree. Most decorations went up around the house, but if any of you know us,  there is more than just the Christmas tree that gets decorated. There are nativity sets that get strategically placed around the house , home made Christmas chains, window decals, Christmas ornaments to display, home made decorations we have made together, tinsel, then the outdoor lights and decorations. It has always been more than a one day job for me, especially with the lights outside too.

Anyway, the majority of the decorations were put up – window decals and outdoor lights to go. Kyah is happy. There are a couple of presents under the tree – for me from Kyah! She is definitely on to it – wrapped Christmas presents!!!

We had to see the doctor again for the resulting back and neck pain we have from the car accident. The smash repairs also contacted us to say they need our car for longer, because there was much more damage underneath that they were not aware of. So we may get our car back in 3 days. It’s not a problem; we have a hire car, thankfully.

The doctor was impressed with Kyah walking in to the surgery so well, and without any bandage. Sometimes, she goes out without a bandage on, but most of the time, she wears a bandage or strapping tape. That will progress as her strength and stability improve.

Kyah did a bit of rehab and her foot is feeling a lot better than Tuesday.  It seems like she is doing the same stuff over and over, but she really needs to perfect this level before she can progress to more challenging activities. It will happen.

Even though we are busy doing life, it seems as though the foot and the injury still consume a lot of our mind space. It will be so nice when this is a distant memory and Kyah can dance more-than-perfectly and has no residual effects from this. We are still praying and believing for this.

Some of the girls I train commented on Kyah’s foot not being as swollen as it has been. This is positive. Tomorrow, I will re-measure it and see.

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