It’s Back In!

Yay! The cuboid bone is back in. I explained to Kyah the situation with her foot and the potential future complications she may have if the cuboid is left out of place for any length of time

I checked out “Dr Google” for various methods of trying to relocate the cubiod. One was definitely not an option, another was a good option. I also prayed about it and I was assured the cubiod would be relocated by the end of the day.

Throughout the day, Kyah was using a massage ball under her foot to gently “encourage” the cubiod to go back. She felt the hole that was there and after some time, she felt there was no gap any more.

Image result for cuboid syndrome free image

She did some rehab and strength work through the day while she was at work with me. When we came home in the evening, I looked at her foot and was going to undertake a manipulation as directed by “Dr Google”. I assessed her foot movement and looked for the hole that had been there; the movement was great, and there seemed to be no gap or hole anymore.

Kyah explained to me what she had done and said it felt better. We can only assume it is back in place. Praise The Lord. We just need to pray that it stays where it is supposed to and doesn’t come out again. Thank you to those of you who prayed – this is definitely a prayer answered.

Watching Kyah do things such as walk along a foam pad, is like there is nothing wrong with her foot, but she is not stable with many other stability activities. The restricting factors we have at the moment is the lack of stability, the restricted range of movement in her foot, the strength in her ankle, and obviously, the biggest factor: confidence. All these aspects of rehab are being addressed and slowly they are improving.

What an amazing journey so far. People that see Kyah each week are amazed at her progress. The ultimate goal is to get back on pointe – it seems this goal is slowly moving closer although there is a huge way to go yet to be anywhere near where she was before.


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