It’s a Big Thumbs Up

It’s a big thumbs up for Kyah today. She went to see the physio and Erin was really pleased with her progress. Kyah is so much more able to use the muscles on the outside of her big toes to straighten her toes and reduce the bunions that she has.

It is really important for all ballet dancers to ensure they have their toes in alignment, so when they go on pointe the force goes straight up and down through the bones; not on an angle. On an angle will eventually cause a great deal of stress and therefore damage. Erin has given Kyah exercises to strengthen the muscles responsible for keeping the great toe in alignment and Kyah has been doing this and it is working. So thumbs up Kyah, great job.?


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On top of that, her knee to wall stretch had not improved but it has only been 7 days since it was measured last. The positive is that is has not reduced, it is still 9cm.

Both Kyah and I are noticing little things that she is able to do now, compared to previously. She moves a bit faster through the house, she is able to walk faster Рstill with a bit of a limp, she is able to go up onto the front of her foot more Рstill with weight on her right foot.  All these little things give us hope she will fully recover.

She is still very aware of foot placement and what she does with her foot and it is still very sensitive to touch; some of the nerves are still healing and there is heightened neural sensation on the portion of her foot that was stretched beyond belief. This will return to normal in time. The function is fine, but Kyah reports that there is a tingling sensation and there is pins and needles when you touch it there. It will heal. Nerves take time to heal.

She went out to Currumbin Creek with Cathy, Darcy and some of their friends for a few hours today. They were going to do stand up paddle boarding, but I thought it best Kyah not participate – not yet. Too risky. So a quiet couple of hours passed with Kyah sitting by the waters edge, enjoying life.

We are off to see the orthopaedic specialist tomorrow for a final report. We are hoping it is all good and they are pleased with her recovery so far.

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