In the Pool

Today was our first day in the pool. Kyah did some walking, some partial squats, some rises on to her toes and some ballet moves, all in the pool.

Most of it was done in the deeper end of the pool to reduce the load on her foot. There was extreme restricted range in her foot, but she did really well.

The smile on her face was priceless. She is able to move again, and actually do some ballet moves. We will gradually build up the time spent in the pool as well as move further up the pool so she is in more shallow water hence, increasing the load on her foot.

The range in the ankle is still very restricted, and this is going to have to be addressed soon, otherwise we will be looking at a very tight achilles as well as the ankle itself. Hope the ultrasound machine arrives soon. That will help will to minimise pain in the area and hopefully help to mobilise it.

Physio again on Friday so the mobilising can be her job. I know Kyah will not allow me to inflict that sort of pain on her. img_5563

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