House Guest

Today was a restful day for both Kyah and I. Our dear friend Neil arrived from Port Stephens to stay a few days. I managed to have the day off work, Kyah managed to get some “down time” at home in. This just hasn’t been happening when I am working so much. It was really good for Kyah to have a nice quiet day.

We spent most  of the day sitting around chatting and catching up on life. It is really nice to be able to do that, even if it is infrequently. It was pretty hot today; reports said 34 degrees… Everything is dry and the grass is losing its green colour again.

A little bit of rehab was done today and lots of sewing of tutus – even though a lot of time was spent sewing and chatting, not much sewing seemed to be achieved. Sewing tutus is a very time consuming activity. Maybe there was more chatting being done….

We had our friend Carrie-Anne come over for dinner. Lots more chatting and catching up on things. A huge feast of delicious Indian food was enjoyed by us all.



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