Here Comes 2021

Wow, what a year 2020 was. I think everyone in the world has been affected by COVID-19 in some way, shape or form. It is interesting that so many people think things will be different the instant the year changes from 2020 to 2021. Unfortunately, that is not the case. COVID is still around and still causing havoc in most people’s lives.

To update you with Kyah’s movements over the last six weeks; she completed her QCE (HSC) exam. She only had to do english. Like everyone else that did that same exam she found it quite “yuk”. The two question options they had were both very left field and no amount of studying could have prepared the students for the questions they were given. Anyway, she passed with flying colours and did very well.

Kyah completed her online theory training for Pilates while she was finishing school. As soon as her school exam was complete Kyah went straight into participating in the practical component of her Pilates course. This went for ten days with one day off after day 5. She loved every moment of it.  On the final day I was one of a number of participants for the students to use as their clients. I actually participated in sessions for almost four hours. It was great to see the different personalities coming through with the instructors. I know with franchises it is desirable for consistency, and the instructors had that, but with their own little “twist” thrown in because of their area of strength and their individual personality. It was especially fun to be a participant when Kyah instructed. She had an element of confidence and authority that I thought most of the others did not have.  She was very competent and knowledgeable with the work being taught and the practical aspect of teaching, instructing and correcting technique. This does not surprise me much because of her exposure to exercise of many forms,  and being aware of correct technique all of her life. She will do very well in this career path.

She is almost fully qualified as an instructor. She has done four of her six mentoring / shadowing sessions. This is where they get to teach the classes to the paying participants and there is a qualified instructor watching them and giving them support if they need. Apparently Kyah has done very well with this too.

Her fifth session was supposed to be last Friday, but unfortunately, a COVID threat has forced Brisbane into a three day lockdown (so far). So we will wait to see when they are able to complete sessions five and six for Kyah. Once this is done and they are happy with her performance, then she is ready for paid work. Yay. Kyah has never had paid employment. She has been too busy with dance, school, life, prehab, rehab, staying sane.

It has been such a change for Kyah to go to living a normal life. Not having to worry about prehab, exercise, strength work, getting more than necessary sleep,  getting up early, focusing on dance. I have asked her a few times if she misses her dance and she has said she doesn’t miss it. She particularly does not miss the nastiness.

I am training a potential up and coming ballet dancer at the moment – getting her strong and more flexible. Kyah has come in and chatted to my client a few times and each time I can see that Kyah is relieved to be out of the ballet world. Unfortunately, Kyah’s experience of the ballet world has been nothing but tough love, bullying, nastiness and pure meanness. I wonder where Kyah would be now if we did not attend certain dance schools and if she did not have certain dance teachers. I know her experience has turned her off dance, but would she have outgrown it anyway?

Kyah did not attend schoolies. It was not officially on in 2020 anyway due to COVID. There were a number of parties and groups she could have gone away with but she chose not to expose herself to the shenanigans that we envision happen on schoolies. The huge blessing was that she had her Pilates course on at the same time, so it was an easy decision for her. She heard some stories of what happened and she was very glad she did not go.

Christmas was lovely for us this year. It was very quiet. We went to church, and then spent the day together chatting, watching movies, opening presents. We were invited to go to people’s places but we chose to stay at home. We just relaxed and had a lovely quiet time. It was very different for us this Christmas compared to last Christmas: We were supposed to spend the day with my dad and Genny (his wife) in Sydney. However, we spent the morning filing a missing person’s report trying to locate them!  My sisters had my dad and refused to tell me that!  And, Genny was in hospital, and again, they refused to tell me. What a day that was. I cannot say my sisters have changed  for the better in any way, if anything, it would be that their behaviour has become worse. It is really sad to see how much hatred someone can have for no apparent reason and the subsequent behaviour and lies that result from it. Kyah and I are fairly used to dealing with the unwanted behaviour so we have chosen to distance them from us. This tends to keep us safe and sane.

On a more positive note, we are now counting down the days until we move into our new house. 49 days from now is when we get the keys. We are very much looking forward to it. We have been packing, culling, painting / restoring furniture, cleaning.  We are planning what furniture will go in what room, what we need to purchase for the new house. It is all very exciting. We need a new washing machine. We will probably buy a new fridge – the one we have is almost 15 years old. I replaced the fan in the motor about two years ago and it works perfectly, but we are not sure if it will fit in the cavity. We need a new lounge suite to suit the new house, so we will be selling our leather lounge setting. I need to buy compressed rubber mats for the entire gym floor. The room that will be set up for the gym has brand new tiles on it, so to save the tiles and to make the floor user friendly for the gym, I will need them.

Here is one piece of furniture we have restored. It was a dull timber colour. The photo does not really do it justice, but the finished product looks amazing.



We have come up with a bit of a plan as to the timing of everything as well. Settlement for me selling my house and buying the new one happens on the same day, and then we have 12 days until the lease runs out in the house we are currently in. That’s plenty of time to set up flooring, paint rooms that need painting, move, and then clean the rental we are in. It will be a busy few weeks, but I am sure we will manage.

Here’s another piece of furniture we have restored. This wall unit looks amazing now. We are really pleased with the results we have had.


One really exciting thing about us moving is that we will get the dogs back living with us. We have not been able to have the two poodles Oliver and Truffles, live with us while we have been in this rental, because the yard is not dog safe. So they have been living with Kyah’s dad. I am sure the dogs, Kyah and Kevin (Kyah’s dad) will all be happy when the dogs come to live with us. It will be good for me because it will force me to take them for a walk every day. I love walking, but because I don’t have to do it, I generally find other things to do.

We were blessed to be able to spend two full nights and three full days at the Emporium Hotel, Southbank at the beginning of January. Our dear friend Anne shouted us this gift for Christmas and surviving the events of 2020. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Had lots of rest, very long spa baths, showers, room service, watched lots of television, walked along Southbank, had a few cocktails, Kyah had mocktails, we utilised the “pillow menu”.  Here are a few shots of our experience.

A cocktail and a mocktail overlooking Brisbane City, just as the sun was setting.

A cocktail with room service dinner.

The beginning of breakfast




The pool. Level 21, overlooking Brisbane City.

Another cocktail and mocktail as the sun is setting.

An uninterrupted view of Brisbane city at night.

We had such a lovely time – just relaxing and enjoying the facilities. Thank you so much Anne for the wonderful gift. Next time you will have to come with us, so you can enjoy it too.

We have just completed day two of a three day lockdown in Brisbane. It has not been a problem for us because we have a gym at home, we have been busy prepping to move and it is only three days. If the lockdown goes for three months I can imagine it would get very tough. But thankfully, the number of cases does not seem to be increasing, so we eagerly await news tomorrow to hear that the lockdown has been lifted.

2 Cor 10:17-18 “Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.” For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends.


2 thoughts on “Here Comes 2021

  1. Jenny Semionov says:

    Hi Kerry and Kyah, it is so good to see life has changed for the better for the two of you. So happy for Kyah to have found a job that she absolutely loves, and uses some of the skills already learnt with ballet.
    God is so good and I’ll be praying that the move into the new house will go smoothly.
    Take care and God bless you both.
    Love Jenny xxoo

  2. Anne Herman says:

    Congratulations on such a strong finish to a very difficult year……both in terms of the pandemic, but also Kyah’s decision to leave Queensland Ballet Academy……
    The prospect of a new home will rejuvenate both of you ….the completion of school for Kyah and her new path to Pilates instructor are wonderful achievements…..
    So happy you enjoyed The Emporium – well deserved break from your incredibly hectic schedule….
    May the New Year bring much hope and joy…..

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