Happy Easter

Gosh time flies! The end of term one came and went so quickly, so too has the Easter break.

There was some school stuff Kyah had to get completed before the end of term. She managed to get it done.  Kyah has been really responsible this first term – getting herself up at 4.50am and out the door by 6am. Her life is so busy, but she seems to be really enjoying it.

I think it might get a bit harder as the mornings get colder and darker – but she seems to be quite driven, motivated and taking responsibility now. It is wonderful. A good sign of maturity and growing up.

She went to the dress rehearsal of Queensland Ballet’s Dangerous Liaisons. Being in the academy, it is part of their program to go see the company perform. It is a good experience for the dancers and they learn a lot from it.

I saw Dangerous Liaisons a week later and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a very different ballet, but that is good. It seems to create interest in others that don’t usually attend the ballet. Queensland Ballet are doing so well with their repertoire and quality of performances. Keep it up Queensland Ballet.

Kyah has also been very dedicated to doing pilates at least three times each week. In the school term, she does not attend school on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. So I pick her up from ballet and take her to group pilates sessions. She then does more sessions on Saturday and or Sunday each week. In the holidays she participated in a promotion for the pilates business and did two classes each day for five days, then she did pilates every day they were open. She is getting much stronger and she really enjoys the pilates. I know some of you are asking why am I paying for her to do pilates when I can teach her this myself and we have a gym at home that she can use???? Well, I am sure you adults out there will understand  when I say “I am mum. What would I know?” So it is easier to pay for her to participate in pilates.

She is also seeing her physio every two to three weeks for fine tuning. Jo is really nice, gentle, encouraging, and positive for Kyah. Why am I paying for her to see a physio? Again, I will give you the same answer as before: “I am mum. What would I know?”

I have been doing some boxing with Kyah. She is ready to get in and do that, so I am more than happy to put her through a few rounds with the pads. I am amazed at the strength she has gained over the last few years. She now has a decent punch on her – which is great. Her fitness will improve a lot as well.

We caught up with our dear friend Clare. She taught Kyah ballet in 2017 for a while, and really made a positive impact on Kyah – particularly her confidence and self-belief, not to mention technique. Ballet is a tough world and dancers get so many criticisms and knock backs, they need to learn how to deal with them. Clare has been a huge help with Kyah, especially since Clare has fallen into a role of spiritual advisor for Kyah at times – something Kyah needs to survive in this world.

Clare was over in Japan working for a year and has come back. So we caught up with her. It was a big surprise for Kyah as I did not tell her we were meeting up with Clare. She was so happy. We chatted for a good few hours and could have kept going, but for time constraints.

Kyah and Clare

One of Kyah’s dear friends decided that she didn’t have time for her anymore. Kyah is used to the typical teenage swapping of friends and squabbling that goes on, but this girl meant a lot to Kyah and she was very upset when she heard that this girl did not think they could continue their friendship. Kyah has many friends that she sees once a year or talks to every few months – when they catch up it is as if they were never apart. So both Kyah and I were a bit perplexed at this separation suggestion. But … each to their own. Friends come into your life for a reason or a season. This friendship has obviously run its course and served its  purpose for the both of them. Another life lesson for Kyah. We wish this dear friend all the best that life can offer her.

The school holidays was very busy. As I have already said Kyah did pilates twice a day for the first week. Then every day they were open through the second week. We had to do a trip to the orthodontist for a check up. The dentist for a check up. The doctor for the ‘flu injection. The hairdresser for a wash, style cut, and blow dry. Then the social activities. We caught up with so many people, it was lovely to see them all.

We went to the movies and saw Five Feet Apart. A lovely, emotionally-stirring movie. I think it really depicts the life some CF sufferers have. Kyah also saw Shazam.

Kyah went to Southbank and caught up with friends a few times. Went to the movies, wandered around, used the Lime Scooters – had too much fun!!! Most of her friends have a lot of extra curricular activities in school term, so it is really hard for them to catch up socially then. School holidays is their best chance to catch up.

We went and saw Paris Opera Ballet perform Swan Lake at the Palace Barracks Cinemas. That is always a nice outing. We have seen a number of different ballet companies perform there over the last few years; companies we would never have a chance to see unless they come out to Australia. So it is really good.

We went out to DFO twice in the holidays. Bought a few things, wandered around, caught up with more friends there. Generally had a couple of relaxed, enjoyable days.

We did start playing Monopoly at home. We managed to play for five evenings through the holidays. It may have to be packed up until next holidays now. There is just no spare time.

Our dear friend Anne lost two of her very close friends in a short space of time. We knew one of them and it was such tragic circumstances. Gayle died in a car accident in Peakhurst. Drunk, unlicensed driver, stolen car. Gayle was happily married with two adult children. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all. It is such an unnecessary tragedy. The trail of sadness and grief that is left behind is just so shocking and futile. Then Anne lost her life-time girlfriend to cancer. Again, such a sad situation. Anne has supported Kyah and I through so many situations, I only hope we have helped her get through this tough time so far. There is such a long way to go, and even then, healing is never complete – you just learn to live with the void in your life – however that may look. Anne, Tony, Alex, Bella, and Miriam’s family we are thinking of you all at such a sad time in your lives.

An aside to Kyah’s journey; I am starting to do volunteer work at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. One day each week I will be helping out with the children and parents where needed. Initially you do bedside play, then you are allocated into an area of your preference. My preference is pre op. I am really looking forward to it.

Term two has started today. We are both ready to get right into it again. Work hard, play hard, and rest even harder. We need to be very choosy with our social activities through the school term, so neither of us wear ourselves out.

I was working one morning and was so blessed to have a rainbow right on the oval where I was. A photo opportunity not to pass up.

Gen 9:16 Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.

3 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Anne Herman says:

    Thanx so much Kerrie for your kind words…..and your support, as well as Kyah’s has been a solace….

    Almost impossible to believe Term 1 is done and dusted……may the next Term bring new challenges and rewards… .thankyou for sharing your life .

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