It’s the Easter weekend here. We have had yet another eventful few weeks since my last post;  I am sure so many other people have had as well.

Kyah has been working as a Pilates Instructor at five different places – all under the one franchise name. She is really loving the independence, responsibility, the work itself, and freedom of finally having her own money to spend.  She is employed as a casual instructor and generally works set shifts each week. She fills in when staff are away and she has accepted some shifts as “permanent” for her.

She has to get up quite early some mornings – sometimes 4.25am, to ensure she is at work by 5.15am. She also does some late finishes  – some evenings she is home around 9pm. Her shifts are staggered so she does not work all day and she does not work every day. I would say on average she is working about 30 hours per week. She will come home after her morning shift and either have a rest, do some shopping, relax pool side, or do some paperwork.

She really enjoys the work itself and she is extremely comfortable doing the instruction, technique correction and motivation for each client she sees. I think it is second nature to her because she has been around that type of environment all her life.

One of the owners has offered Kyah an opportunity of guaranteed work for at least 20 hours per week, doing both administration work and customer service work. This would be on top of the Pilates Instruction work.  We discussed it and decided it would be an opportunity she should not pass up. It will give her additional experience in both administration and customer service as well as give her a guaranteed minimum 20 hours of work each week. This is a great compliment to Kyah as there are a number of other staff that could have been offered this opportunity, but Kyah was offered it.

We need to look at the new contract to see if she is employed under a permanent part time title or something different. It would be a bonus if that is the case, because each time we go into lockdown due to COVID, she does not work. At the moment she does not mind not having to work, but she will when she is totally responsible for all her living expenses.

In order for Kyah to fit the extra hours of work in, she had to give notice to two studios that she must cut back on work with them. The deciding factor in what two studios to cut back from, was the distance she had to travel. The two that are the furthest in distance for her to travel to she decided to cut back from them. She has definitely made some very mature decisions in the last few months; I am so pleased with the way she has considered her options, discussed it with Anne and myself, how she has conducted herself and how she dealt with the notice of stepping down. Her official last day at each of those studios is April 10, 2021.

The admin and customer service role will start straight after April 10. Her hours for those shifts will be much more reasonable; something like an 8am start instead of a 5.15am start. She is able to choose her hours of work, within reason, and this means she will be able to still work at the other studios instructing. It should be a great opportunity for Kyah. I think the fact she has done the Diploma in Business will help her with what needs to be done in the role. Watch this space … I am very optimistic.

So we were in lockdown yet again – thankfully it was only for a few days. But it is still a huge inconvenience. Yes, we would all rather the inconvenience than having the virus spread uncontrollably. But like I said before, Kyah does not work at the moment when we are in lockdown. My clients were also a bit apprehensive to train, so we had a few hours spare last week. We used our time wisely and managed to unpack every box that hadn’t been touched. We set up the third bedroom and it is ready for guests. We set up the craft room  – it is ready for us to do work in. The only thing I have to do now is hang all the pictures. We have a general idea where we want to put them all, I just need to drill into the walls.

Our lounge room furniture arrives this Thursday. We are really looking forward to that happening. For the last month we have been using out outdoor chairs and a bean bag as our furniture to sit and watch the television on. Not as relaxing as you would imagine. Thankfully we are now at the stage where we have all things packed away so bringing lounge room furniture in won’t be a hassle. We are very ready for it to arrive.

Last weekend we went to Forest Lakes to watch a dance competition. One of my clients was performing / competing. I asked Kyah to come along and help assess my client. It was such a strange feeling going back to a venue that Kyah has performed in, being around the dance world and not being stressed. Usually I am anxious about Kyah performing well; has she prepared enough, has she packed everything, has she had enough sleep, what teachers / parents will be there – goodness knows there are some people we never really want to see again. It was funny – neither of us had any anxiety or nerves about being there. Kyah mentioned how strange it was for her. She said she was nervous to go, but only because she did not want to see certain teachers.

Once we were there, again it was a very different experience for us. The other mums were the stressed ones – we weren’t. We enjoyed watching the dancers perform. Kyah did make a comment that she did not miss the “dance world and all it’s idiosyncrasies”. I think this was great for both of us to know that she has made the right decision to leave the dance world and hopefully she will have no regrets. Don’t get me wrong – it is absolutely tragic why she left, but she made the right decision for her self esteem, her self preservation and her dignity. She did not want to put up with what was expected of her any more.

We have been out a few times for dinner and to friend’s houses and our new local hotel for meals. That has been nice. We’ve also been to the shops and had a few good days of shopping. Generally we don’t go out much and thankfully we haven’t been out much – the recent outbreak of COVID was all around our local area. We had not been to any of the places on the same day that the infected people had been, but we do often visit a number of the places listed. Thank God the outbreak was controlled very quickly.

We both hope you have all enjoyed your Easter long weekend.

James 1:5-6   If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. But when you ask him, be sure that your faith is in God alone. Do not waver, for a person with divided loyalty is as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is blown and tossed by the wind.



2 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER TO ALL

  1. Anne Herman says:

    HAPPY EASTER to you both…..once again, busy days…however exciting times as you settle into your lovely new home – CONGRATULATIONS! Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Kyah on her hard work – her confidence and maturity are developing . Kyah’s acceptance of the offer of administration work is an excellent decision.
    Hoping the rain is clearing in Brisbane……

  2. admin says:

    Very exciting to finally be in our own home again. No hassles from rental agents or landlords. Kyah is moving onwards and upwards with her job opportunities and career. Rain finally cleared and we have enjoyed a weekend with lovely sunshine.

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