Happy Birthday Kyah

Gosh, doesn’t time fly by? It is the end of May already. Almost half way through the year and I don’t think either of us has had a chance to stop and get a breath of air yet.

Kyah has been really busy with school and dance. She generally leaves home by 7.45am and returns home about 5.45pm each weekday. Thursdays she needs to be at school by 7.30am, so that is an early night and early morning to be there on time.

She rises early most mornings to go downstairs to use our gym and do some stability, prehab and strength work. I make sure I am down there to “support” her. I  think it is easier for her to get up and do it, if she knows someone else is with her. The mornings are getting darker and colder and it is getting harder to get out of that very warm bed!

Weekends are spent with her doing self-directed practice at Queensland Ballet, school work, prehab, and strength work. Then if we have time, we go out and do something.

One weekend almost broke the bank!! Two pairs of new pointe shoes, new ribbons and elastics to go with both, new practice tutu, new stockings. Then we went out for lunch. It is amazing how fast it all adds up.

The good thing now is that we always buy 2 pairs of pointe shoes, so she can alternate between using them. Apparently this makes them last longer – not just because they are being used 50% of the time, but because they then have the chance to dry out and the shank does not go soft too quick. All these things to learn. Kyah has one foot longer than the other – which most of us do. So when her feet were still growing and she wasn’t going through so many pairs of pointe shoes, we would only buy one pair. Now we can buy 2 pairs but slightly different sizes. So now they fit her perfectly. Pointe shoes don’t have a left or right until you start wearing them. Larger shoes for one foot, smaller shoes for the other foot.

She has been seeing the physio for the strained ligament in her foot. Apparently, this injury is very common. Kyah has been taught what she needs to do with her great toe, in order to prevent this from happening again. Thankfully, her foot is fully recovered and just in time for exam week – next week.

We have made a few trips to the Gold Coast. Kyah had a birthday this month. Happy Birthday Kyah! We caught up with her friend, Emily. That was a lovely day. The two mums and the two daughters had lunch together. The girls then did some shopping while we did some shopping. Then we caught up and we mums decided to have the girls try on shoes. Here are two pairs they tried on.


I think we got more enjoyment out of this than they did!

Then after the shoe fittings we needed a drink. A stop at the local Starbucks was required. These kept us going for a while.

This was her birthday cake. GF chocolate mud cake, with chocolate ganache and cream icing. Instead of making a cake, I make muffins, so she can take them to school. So here is only one of the muffins. Kyah and Truffles enjoyed having Happy Birthday being sung to her.

Happy Birthday Kyah

The next day, we went back to the Gold Coast. We celebrated my birthday. It was a lovely day spent with friends.  Lovely conversation and great food was consumed, yet again.

John and Ruth with us celebrating my birthday.

Then we went to the Eat Street Markets Northshore, with our friend Briony. What a place! If you like a huge variety of food and served in huge quantities this is the place for you. There is live music, a big screen, some little shops to browse through and lots of food.

Kyah and Briony

Kyah had a double hamburger. Then she ordered a doughnut finger, kit kat, thing with ice cream. It was huge and rather indulgent. Fortunately, she  did not eat it all – Briony had some! I had 5 GF doughnuts! So much food – it is amazing.


Now back to reality. Kyah saw Queensland Ballet’s Double Bill: Carmen & The Firebird on Thursday night. She enjoyed that. It is part of their program. They get to view the ballet.

I then saw it on Tuesday night with our friend Deb. It was great. Very different ballets – but variety is supposed to be the spice of life. Bring it on.

Next week, as I said, is exam week for Kyah for dance. She said she is prepared. We will be praying for everything to go smoothly and that she performs like the star that she is destined to be.

There have been a number of issues that have come up this year, and these issues have affected Kyah, and I, quite negatively. We have been praying for the truth to be revealed in these matters, and we can now see there are cracks in the armour used against us. We are continuing to pray and believe the truth will be revealed. Those in the wrong will be brought to justice. The truth always comes out.

Rom 12:12 rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing steadfastly in prayer.




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