Full Time Dance Begins

Today was the start of full-time dance for Kyah. Full-time means 3-4 hours per day every weekday morning with Nika Sheremetieva, from Russian Ballet Studio.

Nika has proven to be fantastic with instruction and encouragement for Kyah and we are so glad we found her when we did. We know Kyah can cope with the workload of 3-4 hours per day, because she did more than that with the Queensland Ballet Summer School, and she survived.

I am certain Kyah’s ballet technique will improve immensely with the intense supervision and regularity and consistency that Nika will be providing. All we have to do is hope and pray her foot gets to the point Kyah feels confident to jump, hop, dance, fully weight bear and move freely on it again, so she can then dance properly again.

There are lots of target dates set for this year. The idea is to set goals for each of the target dates and work backward from each date and figure out what criteria need to be achieved before specific dates. This should help us stay on target to achieving Kyah’s goals. I want Kyah to write the plan up tomorrow.

Kyah’s education starts next week so she has plenty of time to sort it all out before then. She will be doing her school work every day after her dancing commitments. It is amazing how flexible the education system is becoming in relation to accommodating children and their extra curricular activities.

The downfall in starting school another week after everyone else in QLD starts, is that Kyah has plenty of spare time, hence the photos.




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