First Day – She Did It!

Yay! The first day of the Summer School. Kyah managed to participate in the entire day. There is a bit of jumping that she is not able to / confident to, participate in at the moment. But, apart from that, she did it. Yay! She is pretty pleased with herself. Her foot is a bit sore – but I’m sure that’s because it hasn’t been used that much in ages. She had her foot strapped, so there is no way she can cause any damage to her foot. I think the pain is just because of lack of use. Today it got a workout.

So Kyah and her dad left early this morning to catch a train to Brisbane and then a bus to the venue. 2 hours… It seems a better option using public transport, instead of driving up the M1. If there is an accident or a break down, the time to get to Brisbane could be horrendous and Kyah may miss out on some of the workshop. We don’t want that to happen. They finally arrived home at 7pm. Long day was had by all. Needless to say Kyah was quite tired and went to bed pretty soon after dinner.

I think this will get more noticeable as the week progresses. It is a full schedule prepared for the dancers, add 4 hours travel on top of that, you have a very long day, and an even longer week.

Kyah was a bit apprehensive about participating in certain genres of dance, but she managed. This is the first time Kyah has danced in a group, and for such a long time since before her injury. I am really trying to have her focus on the positives in this. She danced a lot today. I’m not sure how much weight she had on the left foot, but she participated.  This is such a milestone for her to overcome. She has done it. A happy girl at the end of day 1.



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