Final Report

We managed to see our friend Liz today. She wanted to give Kyah a new bible. It is a bible for youth, so we are hoping it may help Kyah with her journey. Thank you so very much Liz, it is much appreciated.

We went to the Gold Coast Uni Hospital today for our final check up. After an X-ray and a rather long wait we managed to get in to see an orthopaedic doctor. The X-ray showed the avulsion fracture has again moved closer to the fibula and is now touching the fibula. In time it is believed that this gap will close completely and there will be no avulsion fracture at all. This is great news.

He was very pleased with Kyah’s progress and is now encouraging her to start her rehab! We will do that …..

For those of you that are interested in seeing the scans, here are the X-rays showing the initial and the final scans of the “damage” caused by the injury and the avulsion fracture as it is now. It is amazing to think that with such an extreme injury that she only did this amount of damage.


Initial 26/9/16



Final 14/12/16

I think it will be a bigger psychological battle for Kyah to get back en pointe, rather than the actual physical ability. Her rehab is coming along well physically, she is definitely concerned about hurting her foot if she pushes too hard. We need to find the perfect balance of “pushing” and gaining, to maximise time and function.

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