Final Day of Work

Kyah came with me to work today. I only did a half day, so that makes it manageable for her to be there for that length of time.

Kyah did some rehab at the gym, which was good. Then we went up to dancing. After dancing, we went to a dance shop that is local to Nika’s place. We had a look at some outfits for Kyah’s contemporary dance she is planning on doing next year. We also had a look at the different pointe shoes that are available.

We are hoping that in the near future when Kyah is able to dance again, that she will be ready for pointe shoes. We have already decided that she needs different shoes to the ones she has had previously, so she has a fresh start, when, (thinking positive), she gets back en pointe.

This seemed to put Kyah in  a very positive frame of mind, which is great. There are 2 more sleeps until Christmas. That in itself, should put most children in a positive frame of mind.

We went to Michelle, a friend, house, and watched a movie with her and the kids. That was nice to sit and relax for over an hour. After that we came home and I did lots of sewing of one of the tutus. It is quite amazing how much time is spent sewing with little to show for it . Eventually the hours will start to show…..

Believe it or not, Kyah’s left foot is appearing more stable than her right already!! There is still plenty of work that needs to be done from the point of flexibility, strength and function, but what an amazing journey she has had already.


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