I was so fortunate to get to watch Prelude ’18, performed by the Queensland Ballet Academy students, both nights.  There are definitely some very talented dancers among the students. I thought Kyah was an absolute joy to watch, so did everyone that spoke to us afterwards, as well as those people that came to stay with us.

If you wish to see some photos of the night here is a link.  https://www.queenslandballet.com.au/galleries/prelude-18

We had friends come up and stay, in total for 10 nights. It was lovely seeing them, catching up on their lives and them seeing  Kyah perform. The lead up to the performance nights was pretty big. Long days and intense work, but that is what you expect. Kyah really enjoyed the whole process. After it was over, I allowed Kyah to have one day off school.  Kind hey?


Night 1. Kyah and I

Night 2. Ava, Kyah and Ruth

Night 2, Anne and Kyah

Night 2, Kevin and Kyah

The focus is now on the exams for contemporary and ballet that are tomorrow, (Wednesday), and Saturday, respectively. Kyah is mostly prepared. She has a bit of a muscle imbalance in her hip at the moment, which is bothering her a bit. I have been taking her to the physio. She is coming along as expected. Hopefully it will not affect Kyah’s performances.

James 1:2-3 Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.  

After the exams we hear in about two weeks the students that have been successful in getting back in to Queensland Ballet for next year. We are believing and trusting for the promises to come to fruition.

2 Peter 1:21 For no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.

Kyah went to the dress rehearsal of Queensland Ballet’s Bespoke last week. We are going to watch it on Thursday night. From what Kyah has said it is very worth the effort to go and see it. If you have not bought tickets yet, I suggest you do. It is being performed at the Powerhouse Museum in Brisbane.

Kyah was fortunate enough to get to participate in a masterclass with Teatro alla Scala, an Italian ballet company, last week. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a great deal.

We then went and saw Teatro alla Scala perform Don Quixote on the weekend. It was a great ballet to watch. We have had those tickets since May this year. Amazing how soon these performances sell out. We saw a number of familiar faces in the crowd.

Kyah gets to go to a dress rehearsal of Teatro alla Scala performing Giselle tonight.  So yet another busy week. It is fortunate ballet is her passion – it seems to consume her life, and mine at times!

School exams start the week of November 26. Kyah only has three exams, the other subjects are all assignment assessed. So straight after her ballet exams, she will start preparing for her school exams. It does not seem to end with the work and focus. School holidays are coming….

While Anne was with us, I did some baking again. She was amazed at the food I prepared for Kyah. Potato and cheese rosti,  raspberry and white chocolate muffins, falafels, savoury muffins, and some more protein balls. That usually keeps Kyah going for a few days.

Kyah has a birthday party to go to this weekend. It should be a nice time for her. She has made some lovely friends outside of her ballet circle. I think it is very healthy for her to have friends outside of ballet, so she can stay grounded, and they encourage her to have other interests. Even though they may not consume her life, they are still a part of her life.

She went and watched some of her school friends do their end of year Christmas dance concert. She enjoyed that. Again, it is something outside of the ballet world, which is good.



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