Exam Results – She’s Back In

These last few weeks have been busy, for a change! When are our lives not busy?

Queensland Ballet Academy end of year performance


Just after my last post, Kyah had her contemporary exam for Queensland Ballet Academy. She currently has a slight muscle imbalance in one of her hips, so it has been giving her a bit of grief. She managed to perform most of the required exercises.  Two days later, family members of the students, were able to watch the mock exam class. Again, Kyah’s hip hindered her ability to do a few activities that were required. We discussed it and decided it would be better for her not to do the activities and therefore not risk worse injury or a permanent issue. So Kyah did what she could do.

The following day Kyah had her classical exam. Again, she did the best she could and only the activities she could, without flaring up her hip. She then was able to watch the older dancers perform their pas de deux exams. She really enjoyed watching them. It is a great way for her to learn what is expected of an older dance in the near future. At Kyah’s age, they hardly do any partner activities because of their age and strength capacity. Obviously as they get older and stronger, they progress with contact, lifting, and other partner activities.

After Kyah had finished watching we went out for a milkshake as a little treat for getting this far through the year. We are still alive and sane!!!


Two days later, we got the great news; Kyah is back in to Queensland Ballet Academy. We are both extremely pleased she is in again.

Isa 55:11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. 

The Queensland Ballet Academy program is such that the students need to audition for their position every year. I believe it is like this, to encourage the students to work hard at all times, stay focused, and perform at their best all the time. It is tough, but that is the dance world, I suppose.

We are planning on Kyah doing lots of rehab, prehab, and strength work over the holidays to get on top of the niggling hip injury, and to ensure she is strong, stable, and more than able to do what is required for next year. This will include daily sessions with me; obviously designed to maximise the necessary gains and prevent overuse or underuse. She will also do some pilates sessions specific for dancers, and she will be participating in a few dance workshops; both classical and contemporary. Hopefully somewhere in there, she is able to have a little bit of a rest and relaxation for the Christmas break.

School exams are next week. Today is officially the last day of school for senior students. After the week of block exams, they are not required at school again this year. Kyah is not upset about that at all!!!!  We just need to organise and confirm her subject selection for next year before the end of the official school term.

Early December, the school and Queensland Ballet Academy have a joint performance over two days. The remaining Queensland Ballet Academy students, at school are performing a couple of the dances they did at Prelude ’18. It will be nice to see Kyah perform again.

The night before Kyah’s mock exam, we went and saw Queensland Ballet perform Bespoke at the Powerhouse Museum. It was fantastic. The new works and collaborative efforts of a number of creative artists resulted in an amazing display of grace, beauty, athleticism, and strength. Again, if you have not been to see Queensland Ballet perform, I recommend you do. They are up there as one of the best companies in the world for their talent, ability and creativity.

Kyah did manage to have a social activity in amongst all her commitments. She went to a girlfriend’s 16th birthday. Apparently at one stage Kyah had a little sleep! She was obviously very tired. She had a lovely time socialising with people outside of the ballet world. She will be seeing these girls over the school holidays and is already making plans to ensure that happens.

We can’t believe how close the end of the year is. We have so many commitments leading up to the end of the year. It will be nice not to have to think about school for a period of time. Kyah’s dear friend Emily, managed to graduate from high school (at the age of 15!). Dux of her school and just so young. Amazing! Kyah and Emily are just such good friends. They understand each other and even though they are on different paths, they accept each other, respect each other, and support each other. It is so nice to see such a beautiful friendship growing and developing. Congratulations Emily, we are both so proud of your amazing achievements. We hope you do very well in whatever profession you choose.



2 thoughts on “Exam Results – She’s Back In

  1. Anne Herman says:

    Such a busy yime, as always….a huge congratulations on Kyah’s acceptance into QB for next year…..I know you both take nothing for granted and Kyah will work her hardest to overcome any obstacle……
    I know how dear Emily is to Kyah…..what an incredible result….extraordinary achievement….
    Happy holidays, after such a challenging year…I am not sure how you did it, but you have….
    Sending much love your way….

    • admin says:

      Thanks Anne, if anyone knows what we’ve bee through, it’s you. There have been times where you have been my sounding board, advisor and always there to share in the triumphs. I cannot thank you enough for all your support.2019 is coming, time to prepare for it.

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