Day 3

Kyah has completed Day 3 of the Queensland Ballet Summer School. Still absolutely loving it. She has said the distal end of her fibula is a bit sore, but I’m sure it’s because she is using muscles, tendons and ligaments that she hasn’t used for ages for this constant length of time, and it is a bit tender. She would also be hypersensitive to any pain in her foot at the moment. I’m certain it’s all good. She is walking around without limping and she has shown me some of the choreography she has been doing at the summer school and she is not favouring her foot, so I am not concerned.

It was again very hot today. I’m sure today was hotter than yesterday. Kyah had lots of fluids to keep her hydration levels up. The days are still very long; she is leaving the house at 6.45am, arriving home 6.45pm. She is managing well.

After this week is over, we will look at her sitting with her foot in her pointe shoe, just to get used to the feel again. Then when Nika, Kyah and I think she Kyah is ready, it is off to purchase some new pointe shoes. That will be the test, but also the biggest step yet in Kyah’s journey.

Onwards we go.


Photo taken July 2016

No specific rehab is being done this week; there is really no time for it and really no need. The dancing she is doing is plenty of “rehab” for her foot and her mind. Next week, we will resume specific rehab activities.



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