Day 2

Well, day 2 of the Queensland Ballet Summer School has been completed. Kyah has again loved it. Her foot has held up remarkably well. No pain today. Kyah was kneeling at one point and a girl trod on Kyah’s foot awkwardly – just the expected amount of pain as if the foot was not injured. This is really positive.

She is doing a mix of ballet, contemporary, repertoire and character. Loving them all. Not wearing the character shoes, but that’s OK, others aren’t either. She is not having to sit down and do only upper body, nor is she having to sit out of the dances. She is participating in everything as if she is normal… well she is, but she needs to realise that she is normal again and is able to dance as she used to be able to. Pointe will be the real definer – not this week though.

She came home tonight really happy – laughing and just really so happy in herself. I am so glad she is going to the summer school, and I didn’t pull her out because I thought it was a bit premature sending her. After talking with Nika about it, Nika showed me another way to look at it all and that is where all the benefits are showing through. Such a great experience so far.

Very long days, but also very worth it. She even got a foot massage after dinner. Simply precautionary.

Image result for free foot massage images

Yeah right! You think I’d massage her foot like that? Well, I didn’t.

She did get a nice, effective foot and calf massage though. Ready for day 3 of the summer school.


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