Dance For Humanity

Today was a typical weekend day for us. Some chores around the house and the yard, some shopping, some relaxing at home, friends visiting for coffee, and then a DVD.

We also went to see Dance for Humanity at the GC Arts Centre, in the evening. Aaron Smyth produced it. It was very enjoyable to watch. Some of the dancers were fantastic; they included: Aaron himself, Jim Nowakowski, Talia Fowler, Robbie Moorcroft, Clare Morehen, Bianca Blue, Mitchell Wynter, and Hannah Millott. We were also fortunate enough to have Yena Choi play the violin  and Adele Parkinson sing for us. Definitely some of Australia’s best talent on show tonight.

The show raised money for 2 charities; Livin and Bravehearts, so that was an added bonus for us. If you get an opportunity to see the performance, we recommend you do.


It was nice to be around dance again; Kyah thoroughly enjoyed it all. Kyah also saw 2 of her past teachers, Karen and Sarah. They were nice teachers to Kyah so it was a pleasure to stop and catch up and chat to them individually. Kyah had a lovely evening.

When we got home I continued sewing tutus…. the seemingly-never-ending job.


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