Kyah has been improving with her foot strength and stability over the last 4.5 months. She is more able to do things on her left foot almost every day. I can see the improvements and they amaze me, how I am noticing seemingly daily.

She is doing a lot of dancing and Nika is encouraging her and pushing her to work harder, which is good. Me, being the mum, I am not able to push Kyah, or get her to try things,  as far, or as challenging,  as others seem to be able to push her or challenge her. As much as I want to challenge her and push her that bit further, she simply won’t listen to me.  I can only gauge if she is being pushed too hard by how she is when she comes home after dancing for 3-4 hours each day. Occasionally Kyah will comment that her foot is sore and tired, but usually there is no comment, so I can only assume it is not sore or tired, and the work Nika is getting her to do is a good challenging level.

These photos were taken yesterday of Kyah practicing her contemporary routine. Even just seeing Kyah with weight  on her left foot in various positions does amaze me. Kyah does comment though that she does not think she is able to go up on full demi pointe on her left foot yet. She really has a long way to go, mentally, before Saturday… 2 days away. We definitely need another miracle. Belief in herself and belief in her foot.




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