Christmas is Coming

Kyah went to Cathy’s again today. She got in the pool straight away and did her rehab. She is improving with her stability, range and strength, and she is more able to get around without limping any more due to the improved mobility in her ankle and achilles.

There is a huge mental barrier in Kyah that she must overcome and we can only hope this barrier is shattered in due course. Each time mention is made of performing next year en pointe, she becomes extremely fearful and avoids continuing the conversation and she avoids committing to any performance or eisteddfod that requires her to wear pointe shoes. Apparently thousands of dancers world wide have left dancing due to injuries; some less severe than Kyah’s and some more severe, but the mental barrier is the one these dancers are not able to overcome….Kyah must overcome this in order to fulfil the plan God has for her.

Going up en pointe has always been a daunting task for Kyah, (I suppose most dancers initially), especially when the stage floor is slippery. Now we have more than the natural trepidation of going en pointe to deal with, we have to overcome the fear that this extreme injury could happen again… or worse.

We are just praying every day that this will all be worth the effort and Kyah will completely fulfil the plan God has for her.

(God) hears us whenever we ask him; and since we know this is true, we know also that he gives us what we ask from him. 1 John 5:15.

I was able to take Kyah to dance practice this afternoon, which was great – finished work early; everyone slacking off with their exercise and rehab because of Christmas….  I got to chat to Nika and we looked at Kyah’s tutus and what I have done already. She gave some great recommendations and suggestions for both tutus. Hopefully they will both look beautiful.

Nika is so good with Kyah – total support and instilling confidence in Kyah every time she sees her. No pressure or hassling her about hurrying up with her progress. This is just what Kyah needs – gentle encouragement. Thank you so much Nika, we are so happy we found you when we did. Kyah has not enjoyed dancing and so much in ages, and she is starting to believe in herself again. We cannot thank you enough.

Christmas is coming… hope you are all ready.


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