Changes Ahead

Well 2022 is flying by; it’s almost April already.

We have both been busy with work, life, Sayge and just enjoying time together. It is really nice to have a child that wants to spend time with you – as a parent, and at her age! I must have done something right.

We usually walk Sayge twice a day – anywhere between 2 to 4 kilometres in total each day. His little legs won’t go much past that. He’s such a perfect dog for us; he’s very intelligent and therefore very obedient. Don’t get me wrong – he still does mischievous things and sometimes doesn’t do what he is told, but he is only 8 months old. He loves having a bath – more often than not, he sits down while we wash him! He allows us to clip him – hardly any complaints.  He loves to wrestle, play fetch,  sit on our lap – (he sits on my lap for up to an hour while I am doing a bible study), trips in the car – he especially love trips to Bunnings and sitting in the trolley. He just loves being with us. Follows us all around the house. At times it is difficult – especially when I am trying to make videos for my website – but I figure most people will be able to look past him making random appearances. It’s a bit of entertainment and amusement for them too – quite often Sayge jumps on me while I’m filming. If it’s really bad, I redo the footage, but if it’s not too bad I just move on.

We recently took Sayge to Sandgate mudflats. It was the first time he’d felt sand, seen crabs, felt the ocean. The water temperature was really tepid, so it was pleasurable to walk through. Sayge had so much fun – he was investigating things and being adventurous, but at the same time, he stayed quite close to us. He never ran away. He is quite an amazing little dog. We both feel very blessed to have him as part of our family.


We have had so much rain over the last few months. There is so much devastation around us and further afield. We are so fortunate that our house was not affected. We live on a hill, but the backyard had about 10 centimetres of water sitting on the lawn. There was a rushing river of water going down both sides of the house for days on end, the pool was overflowing for over a week. The only damage we had was to the front yard and that was because of the next door neighbours. They are not very good with their yard maintenance, so as the rain continued, the water gradually built up beside their house and started seeping into their house. In their panic, they decided to direct the water out of their backyard onto our front lawn. I was not happy when I saw what they had caused. The power of the water simply moved all the wood chip and stones that took so long to set up. As soon as I noticed what they were doing I raced out and brought the damage to their attention. It was so obvious what they had done was directly damaging our front lawn. Unfortunately, they are a bit younger than me and did not want to accept what I was saying. So, I ended up redirecting the water down their front lawn to try to reduce the amount of water gushing down and across our lawn.  I said to them they needed to fix the damage when it stopped raining. When the rain finally did stop, Kyah and I fixed the wood chip.- that was relatively easy because it is not heavy. Still, it was lots of work and took a long time. I fixed the top portion of stones and the reset the divider between the stones and the wood chip. Thankfully, the boys from next door repaired the remainder of the stones – they are just so heavy and trying to pick them up from the grass and carry them up the hill was a task. It is obvious that the damage done was caused as a direct result of them channeling the water onto our yard so I did not have an issue requesting them to fix the damage caused by their actions.

Kyah was unable to get to her work place. We drove on the Sunday afternoon to see if she was able to cross the bridge to get to Ashgrove, the suburb she works in. All access roads to her work were blocked off; she was unable to get to work. She notified her boss as soon as she realised and the boss ended up closing the work place for the Monday. No-one was able to get in or out of Ashgrove at all.

This was the mess we had. It is nothing compared what others are dealing with, so we are extremely thankful this was the worst we experienced personally.



The rain lasted for weeks. It was amazing how heavy the rain was and how consistent it was. Each time we looked on the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) the image was almost the same. That is not usual. Normally clouds move. These ones seemed to just sit in one spot. Recently, there’s been images on the BOM that are quite unusual…. Look at the “cloud” from Texas to Southport. Have you ever seen “cloud” shaped like this? I wondered what it was so I did my own research. You might like to as well. It is not just a one-off event either.

Because it rained for so long, we were all going a bit stir crazy being stuck in the house. So we decided to go for a few walks – obviously steering clear of all reservoirs and canals because there was just so much water. Canals that usually have trickles of water, had burst their banks and were gushing with such powerful water. It’s no wonder there was so much damage done to so many homes, businesses, vehicles, other property, trees, and landscape. About 500 metres (as the crow flies) from us, two houses were caught in a landslide. A large number of houses lost their retaining walls; they were constructed of either brick, rock or timber walls – nothing was spared. There was just so much water- it was pretty difficult to escape unscathed.

Thankfully Sayge likes wearing “clothes”. The raincoat was very useful in the downpour.



There is still so much evidence of damage caused by the water.  So many houses with their furniture and personal belongings destroyed. Some landslides have not had reparation work start on them as yet – just a bit of deterrent tape put around the affected area. These two pictures above show how much water went through these creeks. An amount they are simply not used to. So many roads were closed for days on end. Some businesses are still closed due to cleaning up and replacing damaged goods. People are living in alternate accommodation – potentially for months – because their homes have been destroyed – it is such a sad situation.

At the time of writing this post, Brisbane has more extremely consistent rain, and again, it does not seem to be moving anywhere …. Check it out. I wonder how long this rain will last. It is amazing how fast the water levels are rising this second time round… We went for a walk this afternoon in the rain again and already the water levels were worryingly high in the canal beside our walking path. So far it has only rained for less than 24 hours. We are hoping this is not repeat of the last “rain event” we experienced only three weeks ago. We are currently wondering if Kyah will be able to get to work in the morning. Time will tell – we won’t know until the morning and she has to leave for work at 4.20am. Not a good time to be testing roads for flooding.

Kyah has been having a bit of a social time of late. One girlfriend had her 18th birthday. Celebrations were had in Bowen Hills. She quite enjoyed that evening. Last night she went to another friend’s 21st birthday. That was in Ashgrove and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. She also frequently goes out for lunch or coffee with friends, but generally she lives a pretty quiet life.

Apart from that, we have both been living very quiet lives. We are going through each room in the house, sorting through everything; sorting, donating, throwing, and then tidying up what we are keeping. Each room is getting a thorough clean as well. Doing that is quite therapeutic for us – seeing the completed results.

I think with what is going on in the world, living a quiet life is the best option at the moment. We both are believing for much better times in the near future.

Luke 8:17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. (NIV). 



One thought on “Changes Ahead

  1. Anne Herman says:

    Indeed, with so much trauma around us, retreating to a place of quiet can be restorative…..I think you both have managed to do this, with a little help from Sayge ❤️
    It is heartbreaking , the loss and devastation… glad your house was safe and relatively minor issues to deal with in the aftermath. The recovery for many people will take years.
    Thankyou for sharing as always… two are a team…..the Dynamic Duo….❤️❤️

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