Body Blade

Lots going on today – it is the weekend here – we always try to fit heaps in on the weekends.

Church in the morning. Caught up with lots of people there; that is always nice. Then we picked up Emily. I took the girls out for lunch and then we watched the new movie that is out called “Ballerina”. It had a nice story line to it.

After that we headed home and Kyah’s dad arrived, with the dogs. He is up here to help me out with taking Kyah up to Brisbane every day this week for the summer school she is participating in. I need to work, he is able to be here, so he may as well help us out with transport and it is a nice opportunity for the 2 of them to spend some time together.

We are hoping Kyah’s foot will cope with the load of 5.5 days of dancing. Kyah is quite anxious, but I have tried to reassure her she will be fine. There is no way she will ever injure her foot like she did again; she is protected totally. She just needs to pace herself each day and see how she backs up the next day. If she is not too sore, then she can go a bit harder the next day. If she is sore, then ice, massage and mobilising will definitely help with backing up the next day.

A little bit of upper body work was done. The Body Blade is such a versatile exercise tool. Great for shoulder and neck strength and stability, when used in this position. A great way to help relieve the pain inflicted on us from yesterday .


Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Rom 12:11-12


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