Believe in Miracles


When we were in the Emergency Department of GCUH, a lovely man came a chatted to us while we were waiting to go from x-rays to CT scans & waiting to get the cumbersome cast put on.

He had a bag of hand-made dolls, that apparently a staff member upstairs had made to give to patients. They were all lovely. Kyah was able to choose one. As soon as she saw this one, she knew it was the one she was to have.

Yes, we believe miracles do happen, & we are believing Kyah will dance again, on pointe, Prima ballerina, following her passion. This is a miracle in progress.

Already God’s hand has been on her: it is an absolute miracle her skin did not tear. The little wound you see on her ankle is a friction burn she got from the trampoline when the accident happened. It is an absolute miracle Kyah only fractured her tibia & received an avulsion fracture of her fibula. Once her foot was relocated, the structure of her foot was very sound. Neither growth plate was affected – simply another miracle.

We thank God every day that the injury was her ankle, not something much worse.

It was goodbye to the wheelchair today. We had hired the wheelchair for 4 weeks, thinking Kyah would only use it on big outings. She used it almost constantly at home. It was so much easier for her to get from room to room with items she required. Also with the leg extension attachment, she was able to have her foot elevated all the time. It was great.

Thankfully, Kylie has lent us her push chair until we are no longer in need of a chair with wheels.




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